Oxford Gold Group Review

The Oxford Gold Group is a precious metals brokerage firm that is owned and operated by industry veterans with over twenty years of combined experience in the field.

Customers who come to Oxford Gold Group are treated well and as partners in every transaction. The company offers telephone customer service and low commissions to customers who come to the business.

Customers benefit from having direct contact with the owners of the business when conducting transactions involving precious metals, and they frequently find that having the owners’ personal experience working with them is a significant benefit when planning and carrying out precious metals transactions.

Customers have the option of making individual contributions to retirement accounts backed by precious metals or conducting individual transactions for the purchase of physical goods.

Coins and bars minted from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are among the products this business offers for purchase. Additionally, gold-backed individual retirement account investments are available through this organization. In addition, the website offers downloadable content and instructional materials for the buyer’s education in order to facilitate the transaction.

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We are aware of how challenging it can be to find a company in which you have complete faith to entrust your hard-earned money. Because of this, we work hard to produce information that is both informative and useful so that we can arm you with as much data as possible to help you make the best choice.

We have compiled a list of the investment firms that come the highest on our list of recommendations in order to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you to compare and select the firm that is best suited to meet your requirements.

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The Best Gold & Silver IRA Companies Compared

These days, the stock market is extremely volatile, and inflation, which is caused by endless money printing and reckless spending by the government, is prompting an increasing number of investors to search for the stability offered by precious metals in order to safeguard their retirement savings.

How can you tell who you can trust, who has the most experience with these kinds of accounts, and who provides the best service to their customers given the enormous number of precious metal companies that are currently operating in the market?

Because of this, we have conducted extensive research into this sector of the economy and identified the few companies that meet our stringent standards for superiority.

These are the most reputable businesses that we came across during the course of our investigation, which was supplemented by the comments and experiences shared by our audience members who followed our advice and invested in the aforementioned organizations.

  • Goldco Precious Metals
  • Augusta Precious Metals
  • American Hartford Gold
  • Birch Gold Group
  • Regal Assets
  • Noble Gold

Let’s discuss each in detail below:

Goldco Precious Metals

Because Goldco Precious Metals and its account representatives go above and beyond to ensure that current customers as well as potential customers receive all of the information necessary to make an informed decision, this gold IRA company is the one that offers the best customer support out of all of the options that are presented in this list.

There isn’t another company on this list that offers gold IRAs that goes to such great lengths to present investment information in a way that is objective and well-organized in order to win the customer’s complete confidence.

Goldco was established in 2006, and although it stands out in a variety of ways, one of the ways that it has built a reputation for itself is by providing exceptional customer support.

Customers of Goldco are offered a “white-glove service” that includes direct access to a specialist who will walk them through each step of the process, beginning with the creation of an account and continuing through their most recent transaction.

Customers are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the comprehensive education centre that the company maintains on its website. In addition to the extensive list of videos and the number of e-Books that are available on the Goldco website, the company also keeps up an in-depth blog that discusses a wide variety of fascinating subjects.

The fact that Goldco places such a strong emphasis on satisfying its clients is what has helped the company achieve the highest possible ratings not only from the BCA and the BBB, but also from Trustpilot and Consumer Affairs.

You will be required to get in touch with Goldco in order to receive any further information regarding account minimums, fees, storage, or custodians. If you are willing to provide the company with your name, email address, and phone number, the company will also provide you with a free guide.

Creating an account is a simple and quick process that can primarily be done online. Goldco provides 401(k) and IRA rollovers, which allow customers to transfer their existing retirement funds into Goldco.

True Testimonials from Happy Goldco Customers:

“I spent several months listening to people who had successfully switched their investments from the stock markets to gold and silver. My worries and insecurities about the state of my investments and where they stand in relation to the economy as a whole continued to grow with each passing day.

After conducting a lot of research, I decided to take the plunge and make a request for more information. Within a few hours, a representative from GoldCo contacted me and took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure, ultimately guiding me through each stage of the process step by step.

I would like to express my gratitude to the experts at GoldCo for their assistance throughout this entire process. In these unprecedented times, I am breathing a sigh of relief because my investments are currently in the process of being transferred to a depository.”

  • Five out of five stars from Jessie L. in Spotsylvania, Virginia, posted on Consumer Affairs

“I transferred the balance of my 401(k) retirement plan into precious metals with Goldco approximately two years ago. Because of the success of this event, I decided to liquidate a significant portion of my stock this year and reinvest the proceeds in precious metals through Goldco.

Because everything went so smoothly and easily, I would like to make it clear to all of my friends and to anyone else who inquires about where they should go to invest in precious metals that they should go to Goldco.”

  • Five out of five stars from George in Cameron, North Carolina, on Consumer Affairs

“My traditional IRA was rolled over into a precious metals IRA by Goldco, which made the process simple and trouble-free. My customer service representative answered all of my inquiries in a very professional manner and with great patience.

Because of my positive experiences with Goldco, I plan to add some gold and silver coins to my regular savings account so that I can have a more diversified portfolio.”

  • Lawrence T. Received a perfect score of five stars from the BBB.

“As a prospective new client, I had a lot of questions. The Goldco account team responded to all of my questions and concerns in a way that was both informative and extremely patient. They assisted me in conducting research and expanding my knowledge to the point where I felt confident in each of my choices.

I am grateful for the high level of professionalism displayed by the team and I eagerly anticipate any upcoming business.”

  • Tammy R. earned a perfect score of five stars on Trustpilot.

Augusta Precious Metals

Customers of Augusta Precious Metals not only benefit from affordable prices, but they are also aware of every penny they spend and for what it is being used. Because of this factor, Augusta is included on this list due to the fact that its prices are completely open to the public.

When comparing gold IRA providers, pricing is, in the majority of cases, the single most important factor. Companies frequently assert that they have a fee structure that is inexpensive, but only a few of them ever reveal all of their costs.

The pricing scheme and fee structure offered by Augusta are not only easy to understand, but they are also completely open and honest.

Since its founding in 2012, the family-run company that is now known as Augusta Precious Metals has worked diligently to establish a track record that is exemplary in terms of both honesty and openness.

It further bolsters the confidence of its customers by providing a money-back guarantee of one hundred percent for any new customers, pricing that is guaranteed to be fair, and price protection for a period of seven days.

Due to the fact that the gold IRA account held with Augusta is self-directed, there are no management fees associated with the account. You will need to get in touch with the company if you want specifics on how to set up the account, how much annual storage costs, and any other fees.

Additionally, the company offers an excellent buy-back programme. In order to better serve the storage requirements of its clientele, Augusta Precious Metals has formed a strategic alliance with the highly regarded Delaware Depository, which operates multiple vaults across the United States.

The high consumer ratings that Augusta has earned as a whole are evidence of the city’s outstanding customer service.

The transaction and onboarding processes of the company are turnkey, and customer service specialists assist customers with all of the necessary paperwork throughout the process. Customers still are unable to make purchases through the online store.

Both the minimum investment of $50,000 required to open a gold IRA and the restricted selection of metals offered by Augusta Precious Metals count as significant drawbacks of the company’s services.

Since the company’s sole focus is on silver and gold coins and bullion, clients who are interested in investing in palladium or platinum will need to look elsewhere. Despite this, it is a desirable alternative due to its straightforward pricing structure and uncomplicated IRA rollovers.

American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, in the United States, was established in 2015 and has seen rapid and impressive growth since that time.

In addition to assisting customers who are interested in making individual purchases of gold and silver to have it discretely delivered to their doorstep, American Hartford Gold is a company that specialises in the creation of physical precious metals IRAs for investors who are looking to protect themselves against turbulent times for generations to come. These investors may be looking to protect their wealth for future generations.

American Hartford Gold puts in a lot of effort to provide individualized solutions to help individuals and families diversify their holdings with the safest physical gold and silver products that are approved for use in IRAs.

The company maintains the philosophy that educating their customers is the most important factor in the clients’ overall success. Customers have access to their Data Center, live precious metals charts, and an account representative who is available to them at all times as a result of this.

Your questions will be answered by the customer service team, and they will do their best to make the process of purchasing gold and silver as simple and uncomplicated as possible.

The prices at American Hartford Gold are easy to understand, and the IRA fees are competitive. To be more specific, they do not charge any IRA fees; however, the institution where you hold your self-directed IRA does, and these fees are typically around $180 per year.

It is possible that American Hartford Gold will pay these fees on your behalf, but this will depend on the size of the order you place. When you get in touch with them, make sure to ask a representative about this topic.

AHG is able to deliver the precious metals storage options discretely to your doorstep so that you can make individual cash purchases. These options include gold, silver, and platinum.

When making purchases for their individual retirement accounts (IRAs), customers of American Hartford Gold have the option of selecting from a list of several IRS-approved depositories located in various parts of the country for American Hartford Gold to make direct deliveries to.

AHG has made it so that opening an account online is quick and simple, taking only a few minutes to complete the process. Their customer service representative will assist you in opening an account as well as completing the necessary paperwork.

The creation of your account and the transfer of your funds can be completed in as little as three business days.

Just $10,000 is required as the bare minimum investment. This is among the lowest for precious metals IRAs and is a good option if you only want to transfer a small portion of your IRA into physical precious metals. If you only want to transfer a small portion of your IRA into physical precious metals, this is a good option.

Birch Gold Group

Since we began handling physical precious metals almost twenty years ago, Birch Gold Group has developed a strong reputation in the industry. The team that won the gold medal also puts its skills to good use by contributing to the diversification of portfolio holdings through the use of precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, and even palladium.

Because it has honed its abilities while working for industry-leading companies in both technology and finance, Birch Gold Group is able to bring a significant amount of expertise to the table.

The company simplifies the process of setting up a gold IRA for you thanks to the extensive breadth and depth of knowledge it possesses, as well as its dedication to providing superior customer service.

The organization has established trustworthy standards for customer empowerment, empathy, transparency, education, and efficiency as well as ethical practises. The Birch team places a high priority on being responsive in their work.

In the event that you have any questions, the team will respond promptly with answers that will assist you in making decisions based on accurate information.

Your connection will be made with a trustworthy precious metals specialist through the company. The specialist has a solid comprehension of the sector and will make an effort to learn about your aspirations and objectives with regard to your finances.

Afterwards, during the course of your partnership with Birch Gold, the two of you will collaborate in order to establish a sense of consistency and ease.

The level of trust that customers have in Birch Gold is reflected in the testimonials and ratings left by those customers on the company’s website. While you diversify your holdings, the team will work diligently to earn your trust in the process.

When it comes to sharing resources, assisting you in becoming a more knowledgeable investor, and refusing to share your contact details with any third party, the company will always place your needs before their own.

Reading the online testimonials will make it abundantly clear that Birch Gold has built its reputation on providing excellent customer service. The business has been given an A+ rating by the BBB.

Because achieving complete contentment with each and every interaction is the primary focus, the customer relations team at the company will always follow up with you to check on your level of satisfaction.

Regal Assets

Rollovers of IRAs are notoriously difficult because they call for specialised knowledge to eliminate the possibility of making mistakes. When IRA rollovers account for 95 percent of Regal Assets’ business, you can be certain that the company is extremely competent in the area in which it operates.

When it comes to IRA rollovers, the reason that Regal Assets is regarded as the best gold IRA company on this list is due in large part to the fact that this particular reason exists.

Since its founding in 2010, Regal Assets has been consistently ranked as one of the most reputable providers of gold IRAs thanks to its aggressive pricing strategy and high level of customer satisfaction.

When IRA rollovers account for 95 percent of a company’s revenue, however, that company deserves special recognition as the industry leader for IRA rollovers and should be considered the best IRA provider overall. This recognition is backed up by the company’s superior IRA rollover services and extensive industry knowledge.

If all of that wasn’t sufficient for you, the company now offers the service at no additional cost. There is a possibility that neither Consumer Affairs nor the BBB have rated Regal Assets; however, the company has received a rating of 3.8/5 on Trustpilot, a rating of AAA from the Business Consumer Alliance, and a great number of other positive reviews on various third-party review platforms.

The fee structure of the company is uncomplicated and open to public inspection. A one-time flat fee of $250 per year is charged for both the service and storage. The cost of separate storage is already factored into the price, which is considerably less than what the vast majority of other businesses charge.

The company does not charge any additional fees for completing transactions. There might be a minimum investment requirement. If you are interested in investing with the company but would like more information, you should get in touch with them.

Additionally, Regal Assets has excellent support for its customers. Regal Assets specialists begin working with customers during the application process and continue holding their hands through each step of the way. They begin by providing a wide variety of educational resources to help customers get started.

Noble Gold

Due to the low required minimum investment and the extensive educational resources that are provided, Noble Gold has made its way onto this list as one of the best gold IRA companies for small investors.

Due to the fact that it was founded in 2016, Noble Gold is considered to be a more recent addition to the field of gold IRAs. In spite of this, it has rapidly become a favorite as a leading gold IRA company for beginner investors. This is despite the fact that it provides a vast educational resource and only requires a minimum investment.

In spite of its relatively short existence, the company has already established a strong reputation among customer rating agencies, earning a perfect score of five stars from Consumer Affairs, an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau, and an AA rating from the Better Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) with no customer complaints in the preceding three years.

In addition to its extensive collection of educational resources, Noble Gold offers prospective clients the opportunity to participate in an initial consultation in which they can discuss their needs, goals, and preferences with a representative of the company.

Customers are then provided with a specialist who is responsible for guiding and educating them throughout the remainder of the process. This is done without the use of high-pressure sales tactics.

The company’s rates are not necessarily the most affordable, but they are comparable to those of other similar businesses. Although there is no requirement for new customers to pay a setup fee, there is an annual service fee of $80 that is applied to all accounts. In addition, there is a one-time yearly storage fee of $150 that must be paid by each customer.

The good news is that all of the fees mentioned above are flat fees, which are charged to all accounts regardless of their size, and the fees for storage even cover the cost of separate storage areas.

Customers are able to benefit from competitive pricing on gold purchases thanks to the expansive network that Noble Gold maintains with its suppliers and partners. A buy-back service with “no questions asked” is another option provided by the company.

Noble Gold utilizes the services of Equity International as its custodian. On the website of the company, you will always be able to access the information about your account. Noble Gold utilizes the services of International Depository Services for their warehousing needs (IDS).

It has a total of three locations, including two in the United States and one in Canada. Storage at the cutting-edge IDS facility, with protection provided by an insurance policy purchased from Lloyd’s of London.

Customers-to-be have the option of opening an account with the company after spending as much time as they require on the official website of the business, during which they can read informative content and collect the information they require before getting in touch with a representative.

You are able to finish a portion of the account registration process online; however, in order to finish the process, you will require the assistance of a representative.

When compared to the stock market, which has been subject to greater levels of volatility, gold has demonstrated that it is a reliable source of stability through its significant growth in recent years.

Because of this, investors who are saving for retirement are increasingly turning to gold IRAs as a means of diversifying their holdings and protecting their portfolios against the effects of market volatility and inflation.

People are able to invest in precious metals such as gold and silver through specialized IRA accounts. The vast majority of investors, however, choose to put their money into more conventional assets such as bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. This is because the tax code enables people to do so.

The vast majority of investors are completely unaware that they even have this choice because the majority of financial advisors promote mutual funds, which are the source of the fees that they receive.

In contrast to traditional IRA accounts, which can be easily established and kept up to date with the assistance of a custodian, a Gold IRA account requires a more specialized approach in order to be established and kept up to date.

Oxford Gold Group – Complete Review

Keep reading if you are interested in purchasing precious metals as an investment for your own personal safety or as a means of funding your retirement.

Products and Services

The Oxford Gold Group offers a diverse selection of both products and services, giving customers plenty of options. The business provides customers with access to a wide selection of coins made of precious metals, such as 1 oz American Gold Eagle coins, 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coins, as well as many other options.

In addition, purchasers have the option of choosing from a diverse selection of precious metal bars, such as those containing 1 ounce of gold, 1 ounce of platinum, or 100 ounces of silver.

You have the ability to put anywhere from $5,500 to $6,500 per year into a gold-backed individual retirement account (IRA), depending on your income and various other factors. At the age of 59.5, you are eligible to start withdrawing money from your IRA; however, you will be subject to income taxes on the money you withdraw.

You are required to start withdrawing money from the account when you reach 70.5 years old, but you get to decide how much.

Individual Retirement Accounts, also known as IRAs, are an option for retirement planning consideration for people who do not want their retirement plans to be dependent on a single employer or who are self-employed. Unlike other retirement plans, IRAs are not backed by the employer in the same way that other retirement plans are.

Rollovers and transfers from other retirement accounts are both possible with IRAs offered by Oxford Gold Group, and the account holder has the option of selecting which metals the account will be linked to.

Oxford Gold Group Costs

Oxford Gold Group levies an annual fixed maintenance fee for precious metals individual retirement accounts (IRAs). The annual maintenance fee for the IRA can range anywhere from $175 to $275, depending on the amount of money that is contributed to the account.

Oxford Gold is in a position to provide their clientele with a flat fee structure thanks to their partnership with Strata Trust Company and Equity Institutional, which has resulted in the standardization of both their services and their costs.

Customers who have larger accounts are eligible for rebates, which lower the ongoing maintenance fees. The length of time that rebates can be used for is directly proportional to the size of the account. During the first three years of the rebate programme, Oxford Gold Group’s average IRA client is exempt from paying any fees related to the account’s maintenance or storage.

The amount that Oxford pays for storage can vary greatly depending on the vault company that they work with. The cost of self-storage ranges from approximately $175 to $225 per year on average. However, the size of the investment determines whether or not Oxford Gold will provide a rebate of one to five years for the storage fees that are paid.

There is no cost associated with the shipment of this item. Oxford Gold Group does charge commission fees, which is standard practice for the purchase or sale of any investment, but they do not charge brokerage fees. These fees are not applicable to the purchase or sale of precious metals.

You are required to make a purchase of at least $7,500 for your IRA or $1,500 if you do not have an IRA in order to buy metals. When it comes time to liquidate holdings, Oxford Gold Group offers a buy-back option in addition to a liquidation programme that does not charge any fees.

Precious Metals Investing

There is no question that precious metals are among the most valuable of all commodities. For this reason, self-directed retirement accounts, such as gold-backed IRAs, tend to hold more value, as gold bullion and other precious metals approved by the IRS tend to appreciate over time. Gold-backed IRAs are an example of this type of account.

When you use the services of an Oxford Gold dealer to assist you with your investments, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your individual retirement account (IRA) contains the appropriate metals and that it is properly stored in accordance with the storage guidelines and with appointees who have been approved.

The vast majority of investments involve ownership in a company’s stock. When you have stock in a gold IRA, you actually have ownership of the precious metals themselves in this scenario.

Those who are concerned about the depreciation of the dollar or an imminent crash in the stock market have an attractive option available to them in the form of investments in gold and other precious metals.

In addition, having physical possession of precious metals eliminates the need to rely on electronic records, which are susceptible to being hacked, lost, or inaccurate for a variety of reasons.

Investing in metals is also preferable to investing in diamonds and other precious stones because monopolies in the diamond and precious stone industries make it difficult to enter those markets. In the case of diamonds, the monopoly is held by DeBeers. Because of this, purchasing and selling precious metals is made much simpler.

When you file your taxes, you will need to report any gains or losses from your gold IRA, just like you would with any other IRA. These transactions will typically be reported on form 1099-B.

When storing precious metals, storage facilities are frequently required to organize the customer’s collection in a manner that facilitates easy access in the event that the metals are resold at a later date.

A transaction involving more than $10,000 worth of assets that occurs all at once or within 24 hours must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Form 8300. This is important to keep in mind for tax purposes. Representatives from the Oxford Gold Group are able to assist with this process.

A Guide to Establishing an Individual Retirement Account for Precious Metals

The application process should be able to be finished in fewer than fifteen minutes if Oxford Gold Group is successful in its mission to streamline both the rollover and new account processes as much as possible.

An Oxford Gold Group partner can help you complete the application for a new self-directed IRA or a rollover IRA over the phone. Both of these IRAs are individual retirement accounts.

After the application has been finished, the only things that are required are a signature and a form of identification to be submitted.

After this step has been completed, a new IRA account can be opened within the next 24 hours after the necessary paperwork and funds have been received.

If it is a precious metal rollover IRA, Oxford Gold Group will get in touch with the custodian of your current IRA to arrange the transfer of funds into the new account that you have opened. It can take anywhere from three to ten days for custodians to finish the transfer, but the average time is three days.

After the funds have been transferred, a partner from Oxford will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the various investment options available for the initial precious metal purchases made with the IRA.

Why Should You Invest in Gold with Your IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) offer protection not only for your own retirement but also for the financial stability of your family.

With one of these specialized accounts, you won’t need to worry about paying taxes on the money you put away for the future.

Because of the nature of these long-term accounts, it is essential to invest a sizeable portion of your savings in assets that are stable and dependable in order to ensure a comfortable retirement.

You can put cash in an individual retirement account (IRA), but the value of that cash is falling at an alarming rate because inflation is out of control.

You require an asset that is reliable, keeps its value over time, and even increases in value over time, and there is no asset that is better suited for this purpose than gold.

Uncertainty is at an all-time high due to the fact that the global economy is struggling due to lockdowns, shortages, wars, and inflation. As a result, investors are protecting themselves by placing physical gold in their individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

A gold IRA investment does well even in times of economic turmoil, which are bad for the majority of other asset classes.

Risk is being aware of the potential financial threats but taking no action to protect oneself and one’s family from them.

Safety entails being aware of the potential threats to the economy and taking measures to safeguard one’s financial future; a gold IRA makes it simple to accomplish this goal.


The customer satisfaction rating for the Oxford Gold group on TrustPilot is 4.9 out of 5, with approximately 95% of customers stating that the service is excellent and approximately 5% stating that it is great. This is not to say that the company does not have any problems; however, it is unrealistic to expect a completely problem-free operation from any company.

The company has a five-star rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is the organization that keeps track of official complaints, but the most common complaint voiced by customers has to do with the short number of hours during which customer service is available. This is not necessarily an issue with the company’s operations or delivery methods.

As of the time that this article was being written, there was only one customer who had lodged a complaint, citing a problem with getting their money refunded.

Real Reviews

“My shopping experience was satisfying and quick all at the same time. Throughout the entire process, Mike Malek acted in a manner that was polite, informative, and professional, and he fulfilled all of his obligations. The Oxford Gold Group is a company that I will continue to recommend to others, and I have future plans to expand my business dealings with them.”

  • Anne D. gave this service a rating of four out of five stars on TrustPilot

“An excellent business with which to do business. They did an excellent job of communicating with us and keeping us informed about the status of our order.”

  • Glenn V received a perfect score of five stars from the BBB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I keep my valuable metals and stones?

Customers of Oxford have the option of storing their precious metals either for free through OGG’s partnership with Delaware Depository or at their own homes or in some other location of their choosing.

However, due to the potential safety concerns that this raises, it is not advised that the metals be kept in private storage at home. Keep in mind that the majority of insurance policies sold to homeowners do not include coverage for the loss of valuable metals in the event of a burglary.

Metals can be stored in safe-deposit boxes in banks; however, using a bank’s safe-deposit box will typically cost you money, whereas using Oxford’s Delaware Depository is completely free.

It is also important to note that if your precious metals are held in an individual retirement account (IRA), the Internal Revenue Service does not allow you to store them in a safe deposit box at a bank or at home.

How much of a gamble do gold IRAs really represent?

Investing in precious metals, despite the fact that it may be a more stable option than other investments, still carries risks due to the fact that any investment comes with a certain amount of risk.

It is impossible to issue any kind of guarantee or assurance regarding the investments because the price of precious metals, like the price of any other asset, rises and falls in response to external factors.

In the years 2010 and 2011, the price of gold experienced a significant increase, which was then followed by a decline from which it took several years for the market to recover.

Precious metals, when viewed over a number of years, have been steadily increasing in value, which makes them more of a responsible investment than perhaps investing in a speculative startup company. The majority of investment strategists encourage investors to take a long-term approach to investment, and precious metals have risen in value steadily over the past several years.

What kinds of self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRAs) does the Oxford Gold Group offer?

When it comes to rolling over into a gold IRA, the customer can choose from a variety of accounts, such as 401(k) plans, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, traditional IRAs, and SEP IRAs, among other possibilities.

It is highly recommended that the individual do his research into the differences in these accounts first before making a decision; however, an Oxford Gold Group representative can assist customers in making the correct choice for their personal needs.

Should I look into getting an IRA custodian?

Oxford Gold Group collaborates with organizations like STRATA and Equity Institutional for Precious Metals IRA, which are in charge of regulating the custodian services for IRAs.

If you have an individual retirement account (IRA), the Internal Revenue Service keeps a list of reputable custodians who are authorized to handle IRAs.

If, on the other hand, you believe that you do not have the time to pay attention to your IRA and you would like to employ another entity to do so, you must first ensure that the entity in question is recognized by the IRS as being eligible to act as an IRA custodian.

Any person who does not have the time, educational capacity, or legal status necessary to manage their own financial affairs on their own should consider hiring a custodian. A bank account that is held in the name of a minor child is one example of this.

How frequently does the price of gold fluctuate?

The price of gold shifts for a number of reasons, including supply and demand, as well as the perspectives and actions of buyers. However, in contrast to paper currency, the supply of gold does not change significantly over time; as a result, the value of gold maintains a reasonable degree of consistency.


When Oxford Gold Group was established, it was done so with the understanding that its owners would use the experience they had gained while working for other metal firms to provide their own brand of knowledge and customer service at a price that was lower than what was offered by the competition.

The Group reached out to form partnerships with storage companies and custodians in order to give their customers secure and simple options for purchasing and storing their metals. This enabled Oxford Gold Group to offer precious metal IRAs to customers with lower setup fees and fewer complications than their competitors.

The representatives at Oxford Gold Group are prepared to answer any questions you may have and will walk you through the process of investing in precious metals as a form of retirement plan. If this is something that interests you, please contact them so that they can assist you. You can get a personalized estimate by contacting them at 888-200-5586 or consulting their website.


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