The Best Websites to Buy Gold and Gold Coins

Where can one find the most trustworthy online vendors of gold and gold coins? When looking to purchase gold coins, it is only natural to begin your search online, and more specifically on Google.

We recently searched for “buy gold coins in the UK” to see what sites came up, and as a result, we decided to go a little bit more in-depth and review some of the top sites where you can buy gold and gold coins online. We hope you find this review helpful!

Buy Gold Coins came to the conclusion that the only way to determine where the best place was to purchase gold and gold coins was to go through each website one by one and evaluate its usability, navigation, coin selection, information, price, reliability, and history.


Through its website, BullionVault, individual investors from all over the world are given access to the professional bullion markets. You will incur the fewest expenses possible when purchasing and selling gold and silver, as well as when storing them.

BullionVault is the largest online investment gold service in the world, managing more than 85,000 accounts and a total of $3 billion for its customers.

Vaults catering to the professional market can be found in Zurich, London, Toronto, Singapore, or New York. These cities also house bars. You get to decide where.

You are free to sell at any time without incurring any fees, and your funds will be wired to you the following business day. You may also request the withdrawal of your physical bars at any time.

The process of using BullionVault is very fast and simple. Opening an account with Bullion Vault is completely free, and the registration process takes less than a minute to complete. There is no requirement to engage in trade.


Outside of the traditional banking system, GoldBroker gives customers the opportunity to purchase actual gold and silver in the form of high-quality bullion bars and coins stored in a safe environment. GoldBroker possesses a cutting-edge online trading platform.

Customers completely own real, tangible bars and coins in their accounts. You enter into an agreement with a storage partner, and as a result, you are granted direct and personal access to the secure vault in order to inspect your possessions.

Your precious metals will never leave the professional logistics chain because they are stored in professional facilities, which means that they will maintain their maximum value when they are put up for sale.

GoldBroker provides an alternative solution for investment and storage that eliminates any and all exposure to the risks associated with having intermediaries between investors and their precious metals, either at the level of ownership (directly) or storage. This can apply whether the investors’ precious metals are being held in direct ownership or in storage (a storage account in your name).


Vaultoro is an online exchange that is based in the United Kingdom and enables its users to trade Bitcoin or DASH for physical gold and vice versa without the need to use a fiat currency or a bank account. Vaultoro’s users can trade Bitcoin or DASH for gold at any time.

Users of Vaultoro are provided with immediate access to the gold market.

This is a one-of-a-kind online exchange that specialises in trading Bitcoin and Dash as well as gold bullion. When compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, Vaultoro stands out due to the unique asset combination that it offers.

Users of Vaultoro also have the option to save their wealth without fractional reserves, which eliminates the risk of financial institutions speculating with their savings.

Vaultoro is an online cryptocurrency and gold bullion storage and trading platform that was established in 2015. Since its inception, the company has experienced rapid expansion, and it now serves more than 20,000 customers in 95 countries.

Bullion By Post

Presented as “The UK’s No. 1 online bullion dealer” in the advertising. Bullion By Post is one of the most well-known and widely visited online bullion dealer websites in the United Kingdom, and they have a significant presence on the internet.

Bullion By Post was established in 2008, right in the middle of the global financial crisis. Since its inception, the company has focused on developing a user-friendly, transparent, and convenient online bullion service.

Due to the site’s excellent search engine optimization and targeted advertising on a variety of online platforms and forums, almost all gold and silver enthusiasts are likely to be familiar with Bullion By Post. At the very least, they have probably heard of it.

Website, products and navigation.

The website itself is loaded with a wide variety of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products, in addition to a great deal of information pertaining to each individual precious metal product.

You will also be able to find in-depth information about the history of gold and silver bullion, spot price charts, investment guides, investment calculators, allocated storage, gold pensions, and additional information.

The website is very user friendly and simple to navigate, despite the fact that it contains a large number of products and pieces of information.


The most popular products, such as the Gold Sovereign and the Gold Britannia Coins, as well as the most popular silver coins, such as the Silver Britannia and the Silver Maple, are featured prominently on the homepage of the website.

In addition, gold and silver bullion bars are displayed on the home page in easy-to-understand denominations such as one ounce, one hundred grammes, one kilo, and five kilos.

After that, you can view the entire selection as well as the prices by simply clicking on either of the products. The prices of their precious metal products are constantly updated and are directly linked to the spot price at the time of purchase, which can be found online.

Additionally, live price updates for gold, silver, and platinum in ounce and gramme increments are included on the homepage of the website. Before making a possible purchase, using this handy tool to check the current spot price is a good idea. Once more, a simple click through will bring up Bullion By Post’s very own detailed price chart.

The chart can be easily navigated through the use of simple tabs, and it also provides options for changing the metal type (commodity), time frame, weight, and currency. You also have the option to set price alerts, which will notify you immediately via e-mail of any changes to the prices you specify at the time you set the alerts. This is a helpful piece of software that will keep you apprised of any significant price shifts that may have an impact on your choice regarding whether or not to buy or sell your precious metals.

Sell bullion.

Additionally, there is a selection of tabs on the website that pertain to other important products, such as an opportunity to sell your gold and silver.

This is an especially helpful feature because it provides you with a very good breakdown of the majority of the main gold and silver coins as well as popular bullion bars, as well as the current price that “we pay” for each of those items.

However, in order to confirm a price, you will need to contact them by phone. In a similar vein are bullion bars. After that, you would just send in your coins or bars for verification to Bullion By Post, and according to their website, you will receive payment within five business days after that.

Additional products.

Bullion by Post also offers an Allocated Storage Service, VAT-Free Storage for Silver Investors, and Physical Gold Pensions. With a Physical Gold Pension, physical gold can be held in a pension through a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) or a Small Self-Administered Scheme. Both of these options are available (SSAS).

Investment Calculator

The site’s “Investment Calculator” is one of the aspects that stands out most to us when we visit. Customers are able to easily invest in precious metals using this feature, which only requires them to enter the desired amount along with the metal of their choice (Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium).

After that, the calculator devises a selection of appropriate plans that are tailored to the customer’s price range.

When you have a certain amount of money to spend on precious metal and you want to find the options on the site that offer the best value for your money, this is a great tool to use.

Not only does it provide you with a number of different coin or bar options, but it also provides you with the price per gramme, allowing you to see exactly how much you are investing per gramme of the precious metal that you have selected.

This is a feature that we think is really useful, and we would encourage anyone who goes to the Bullion By Post website to use the Investment Calculator at least once.

“Protect your wealth with gold bullion” Booklet.

A physical booklet titled “Protect your wealth with gold bullion” was included in the shipment that we received from Bullion By Post in conjunction with our initial purchase.

When you opened up your first precious metals package from Bullion By Post, you got a pleasant surprise that was unexpected but nonetheless expected.

This is an excellent guide that provides information on the benefits and drawbacks of investing in gold or silver bars and coins, as well as Bullion By Post’s recommendations for the top 5 gold and silver investments and the top 5 gold and silver coins.

In addition to that, the guide includes details on refiners and mints, collectible coins and proof sets, VAT-free storage options, gold pensions, and other relevant topics. This guide to investing in precious metals was very simple to read, making it an excellent resource for novice investors.


The prices of physical gold and silver offered by Bullion By Post are among the most competitive in the industry. They are not necessarily the most affordable option when it comes to premium over spot price; however, the service, product range, information, and efficacy of the site are all taken into consideration when determining the price of the purchase.


Bullion By Post is one of the most user-friendly and trustworthy online bullion dealers for investors in the United Kingdom. They provide an easy ordering process as well as quick and insured delivery of their products. Every shipment is delivered in a stealthy manner, right to your front door, and in discrete packaging.

In addition, we like their free app, which has a user interface that is very simple to navigate, and the ‘price alerts’ feature is very practical. The reviews left by previous customers speak for themselves.

The Royal Mint

The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom is the oldest mint in the world.

The Royal Mint is steeped in history and is responsible for the production of bullion coins made of precious metals, a variety of medals, and commemorative coins, in addition to minting and circulating coins that are used both domestically and internationally.

The Royal Mint is the only organisation in the UK that is authorised to produce coins that are accepted as legal tender. It is also responsible for producing all of the physical currency in the UK, with the exception of banknotes.

In addition to producing national currencies for over 60 different countries, the Royal Mint also supplies ready-to-strike planchets, also known as blanks, which are round metal discs that have been prepared and are ready to be struck into a coin. These services fall under the category of the Royal Mint’s international trade. Because it has the capacity to produce 90 million coins and blanks each week, the Royal Mint is the sole manufacturer of coins and medals for the majority of the world’s nations.

Website, products, and directional structure.

The website is minimalistic and up to date, and its primary focus is on the most recent coin collections or bullion products that have been released by The Royal Mint.

The layout of the website is uncomplicated, and it is fairly easy to get around by using the top tabs to navigate between different sections (coins, invest, visit, discover, etc.). You can also use the ‘search’ function on the site to locate the information or products that you are specifically interested in finding.

Even though the website isn’t too difficult to navigate, it may take a few mouse clicks and some scrolling before you find the product(s) that are most relevant to your needs.

Because the site appears to be primarily focused on The Royal Mint’s brand, products, history, and visitor centre, it does not appear to have the same general information about precious metals, new or spot prices, that you might find on other bullion dealer websites. This may be because the site’s primary focus appears to be solely on The Royal Mint (The Royal Mint Experience).


On the homepage of is a scrolling page that showcases the company’s most recent products and services. These are typically the company’s most recent coin or collection, such as the “Tower of London” coin, or their most recent investment bullion products.

If you scroll down, you will find a section titled “Discover The Royal Mint,” which features a selection of the most recent coins and bars produced by the Royal Mint. You can easily add any item to your basket by clicking a button that is conveniently located on each product, just like you would on the majority of other online retail websites. This makes the process of purchasing items easy and straightforward to use.

The only drawback is that the vast majority of bullion products have prices that are estimated rather than set in stone. This is because the spot price of gold and silver is highly volatile. It would appear that the website does not support live price updates.

If you scroll down further, you will find a section titled “Invest in precious metals.” This section provides a limited amount of information on various products, such as coins, bars, and digital products, and then prompts you to click through for additional details or to create an account so that you can access this information.

Last but not least, beneath the section on precious metals is a gallery of images and a series of tabs that the user can navigate to obtain additional details on coin collection services, including historic coins, historic coin sets, general coin collecting, UK currency, and a variety of other topics.

Products Made from Bullion

The 1 oz Gold Britannia, the Gold Sovereign, and the 1 oz Silver Britannia are the three bullion coins that have brought the Royal Mint the most fame and recognition over the years.

Since 1987, The Royal Mint has been responsible for producing the British Britannia coin, which is known for its one troy ounce of gold content and its face value of one hundred pounds.

Since 2013, the gold coins have been struck in 24-carat fine gold, which at the moment (August 2020), has a value of approximately £1,657 for a single ounce of Gold Britannia.

Gold Britannias are also produced in fractional sizes consisting of one-tenth, one-quarter, and one-half of a troy ounce.

Since 1817, the Royal Mint has been producing the Gold Sovereign in its current iteration as a modern coin. One of the most recognisable coins in the whole wide world is the British Gold Sovereign. It is minted in the conventional form of 22-karat gold.

A series of ‘Lunar’ coins, each of which depicts an animal associated with one of the Chinese lunar years and was released in 2014, has also been produced. The components that go into making Lunars are 999.9 fine gold and 99.9% pure silver.

The Queen’s Beasts series was first introduced in 2016, and it features both a gold coin with a purity of 99.99% and a silver coin series with the same purity. The latter is the highest purity silver coin that the Royal Mint has produced to this day.

In addition, the Royal Mint has just recently released a series of commemorative coins in honour of Elton John. These coins include a 2020 UK Half Ounce Silver Proof Coin and even an Elton John 2020 UK Kilo Gold Proof Coin that has a recommended retail price of £68,865!


The Royal Mint is well-known all over the world and can look back on a distinguished history. It is regarded as one of the most important manufacturers of coins in the world. This is reflected in the price of its products as well as the quality of those products. Be prepared to pay a higher price for its products, but keep in mind that you are paying for the absolute best quality, trust, and history.


If you buy directly from the Royal Mint, you can’t go wrong because the company has more than a thousand years of experience. It offers the most up-to-date products, has a rich history, and the purchasing and checking out processes are simple. Because it is a reliable and trustworthy business, The Royal Mint comes highly recommended by our team.


Since 1964, Chards has been operating as a dealer of coins and bullion. Chards is a family-run company that has been operating out of its current location in Blackpool for more than half a century.

The business has grown to the point where it now has a revenue of multiple millions of pounds and serves clients from all over the world.

Chards has a specialised team that is trained in the identification of fakes, the grading of coins, as well as the purchasing and selling of all types of coins, bullion, and jewelleryi

Chards appears to have made it its mission to create a great customer service, providing plenty of in-depth information on their website as well as a personalised service via phone or in store. By putting an emphasis on knowledge and transparency, Chards appears to have made its mission to create a great customer service.

Website, products, and directional structure.

The design of the website is timeless and organised, and it features straightforward tabs and navigation throughout the site.

The website actually has “about a 50/50 split of information pages and product pages,” which is something that we really like about it. There is a great deal of information available on it. When investing in precious metals, having information that is both clear and concise is essential, and Chards are excellent at providing this kind of information.

Additionally, live spot prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are provided on the website, in addition to information, charts, and a table that details historical prices, record prices, and the ratio of gold to silver. There is a wealth of data available for perusal.

You will also be able to find a diverse selection of precious metal products, such as coins, bars, VAT free storage only products, vaulted storage, collectable coins from the United Kingdom and around the world, and more.


The homepage of has an air of tradition about it. You can navigate through their best deals, gold and silver products, British and World coins, selling options, investment calculator, live spot prices, and information by using the drop-down menus that are easy to use and are located across the top section of the homepage (Articles).

When you move your mouse pointer over any of the tabs, a straightforward table will appear. This table will provide you with additional options to quickly navigate to the desired information or product.

Very user friendly.

You can search for any product, service, or information using the clear search option that is located at the top of the homepage. All you have to do is type in what you are looking for.

Gold and silver prices at the spot market are updated in real time and are shown here for your reference.

Additionally, the homepage features a number of square images that depict recent products that Chards has to offer. These products include investment gold and silver, in stock bullion, metal accounts, UK coins, collectable coins, new releases, and more.

Again, the design of the website makes it very simple to click on each category, which, in turn, brings you more information that is specific to the good or service that you are looking for.

Filter. (Price, Metal, Design, Weight / Size).

On the Chards website, the filter option is one of our favourites in particular. This is a wonderful function that enables the user to restrict the scope of their search so that they can locate precisely what you, the customer, are looking for.

You have the ability to filter results based on factors such as price, design, metal, issuing monarch, weight, size, variation, mint, finish, and more; the list of available filter options is extensive. This is a wonderful feature, especially for numismatists or collectors who are looking for a particular coin or product to add to their collection. The website is distinguished from many of the others on this list by the presence of this filter option.


In general, Chards offers prices on bullion and collectors coins that are among the most competitive in the industry. They say that “We do not hide behind prices or complicated formulae” and that “We are happy to discuss our margins with anyone who asks.”


A superior website that is neatly organised and provides access to a large number of products. The site’s filter option is one of our favourites, in particular. Chards provides a more personalised level of customer service in comparison to some of the other dealers, in addition to having very competitive prices.


The bullion and coins sold by Atkinsons have their headquarters in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Atkinsons, a local coin dealer run by a family, has been involved in the buying and selling of gold and silver bullion for more than 30 years.

Atkinsons advertises itself as “an easy-to-use, confidential, and trustworthy online coin buying and selling service.” They not only have a presence on the internet, but they also have a physical store that customers can go to.

In the 1980s, Atkinsons began their careers in the retail jewellery industry, and they quickly expanded their operations to include the buying and selling of gold and silver coins as well as bullion.

Atkinsons had already launched their Bullion & Coins website by the year 2010, and by 2013, the company had invested in a state-of-the-art transactional website, providing customers with a fantastic online experience along with live pricing that was highly competitive.

The mission of the organisation is to provide “a safe and secure environment in which to purchase quality bullion and coins at the most competitive price.”

Website, products, and directional structure.

The website has an updated look with live gold and silver prices, as well as clear tabs that run across the top of the page, making it very easy to navigate.

Each tab contains a drop down box, which makes it simple to locate the specific products or information that you’re looking for. This includes gold and silver bars and coins, pre-owned bullion, special offers, gifts, and a variety of other options.

The website also includes a live chat function, which is one of our favourite features. It helps to answer any questions in a timely and effective manner while also providing the customer with an experience that is more personalised and one-on-one.

The website also includes a live gold and silver price chart, which is always helpful when determining the best time to buy and sell precious metals. Users have the ability to change the metal, weight, currency, and date range of the chart.

It would appear that the website’s primary focus is on its products. However, it does have a wonderful news section that is regularly updated with new news articles and provides a wealth of information on markets and precious metals.


The homepage of Atkinsons, which can be found at, has a nice, clean, simple design and layout. You are not immediately bombarded with an excessive amount of information or images, which is something that we quite like about the homepage.

You can easily navigate the site using the tabs provided, which include Gold and Silver products, Pre-owned, Sell to us, Special Offers, Gifts, Live Prices, and News. In addition, there is detailed information on how to create an account, as well as general assistance, advice, and contact information.

On the homepage, there are distinct pictures of gold and silver coins and bars. This allows you to easily click through to any product and add it to your basket, as is standard procedure for online shopping.

On the primary homepage, there is also a section labelled “sell to us,” which navigates you to a section of the website that is solely devoted to the process of selling bullion to Atkinsons either in person or through the mail.

When you scroll down, you will find a brief information section about the company, its history, as well as the online buying and selling of bullion. After that, there are clear square image sections that provide additional information about ‘The Atkinsons Story,’ Selling gold and silver to Atkinsons, a Blog section, and a ‘New to Buying Gold and Silver’ section that explains how to buy gold and silver.


On the website, the prices are kept up to date at all times. “Once an order has been placed, the customer can use the online trading platform to negotiate a price for the products they wish to purchase. This indicates that any further movement in the price of the market will not have an effect on the price that will be applied to your order. After that, you have until the end of the next day to finish the payment.

Atkinsons also makes the following claim on their website: “We always aim to have the best price in the UK.” Whether you are interested in buying or selling, it is our goal to never knowingly offer a lower price than our competitors.

It would appear that Atkinsons has a pricing structure that is both fair and open.


We are really impressed with the website’s layout as a whole. The ability to chat with a representative in real time via the website is an excellent perk, and the presence of a physical retail location lends an air of warmth and familiarity to the company’s overall customer service.

There is a good selection of gold and silver products available from Atkinsons, and each product is clearly listed along with its price, which makes it simple to select products and add them to your basket.

The news section is condensed, covers pertinent topics, and is updated frequently. Overall, it is clear that this is a company that is enthusiastic about precious metals, and the fact that it is a family run business is reflected in the more individualised attention given to each individual customer.

Bullion By Post’s parent company, Jewellery Quarter Bullion Limited, also owns, so the two businesses are related in some way. In addition to having a website and a significant presence on the internet, they also have a trade counter and shop located in the central business district of Birmingham, United Kingdom. provides a comprehensive selection of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and coins sourced from the world’s most reputable refiners and mints. These precious metals are all available at low premiums, making them an excellent choice for financial investments. Customers also have the option of purchasing physical gold through their SIPP or SASS pensions, which is another service they provide. is recognised by PAMP, Metalor, Umicore, and Heraeus as an authorised distributor of their bars. Additionally, the business is the most important authorised distributor of Royal Mint bullion coins in the United Kingdom.

Website, products, and directional structure.

The website is loaded with information and bullion products in abundant supply. The website has a contemporary look and is simple to navigate by using the tabs that are displayed clearly across the top of the page. Additionally, the website has a series of side bars that allow customers to easily click through products such as gold bars and coins.

Live prices for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are displayed in the top right-hand corner of the page, as is customary on most bullion websites. This page also includes a “investment calculator,” which is a fantastic tool that helps customers find the best deals that are compatible with their budgets.

You can look at customer reviews and ratings, the most recent precious metal and economic news, an investment guide that is simple to read, as well as other information. The customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. offers a vast selection of products made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Additionally, the company provides a number of additional services, including precious metal storage, options to sell gold to, VAT-free silver, and a selection of gold retirement products.

They also provide free delivery on orders that do not meet the minimum threshold of £250, in addition to providing free delivery on orders that meet the minimum threshold.

Both novice and experienced precious metal investors will find something useful to read on this website thanks to the even distribution of products and content.


Even though there is a significant amount of information and important products on the homepage, it has been thoughtfully organised and arranged in a way that makes it simple to navigate the rest of the website.

Buy bullion (gold and silver bars, coins, and the like), delivery, storage, sell bullion, VAT-free, pensions, corporate, guide, and charts are some of the options that can be found in the clear drop-down menus that are located across the top of the homepage.

When you move your mouse over any of the tabs, a drop-down menu will appear, making it simple for any customer to locate the specific bullion product or service they are looking for.

The homepage highlights the company’s most important or popular products, such as gold bars weighing 1 kilogramme and 1 ounce, gold coins including the sovereign, britannia, and krugerrand, and then moves on to silver bars and coins.

If you scroll down, you will find that they have a helpful investment guide that will walk you through choosing between coins and bars, as well as additional information on selecting the method of storage or delivery for your precious metal.

On the homepage you can also find information about the company, as well as buying gold online, an investment calculator (which is awesome), customer reviews, market updates, the most recent news, and more.

An attractive home page that manages to include a large number of products and pieces of information without appearing overly cluttered. Authorized distributors of Umicore, Heraeus, The Royal Mint, Metalor, and PAMP are found at

Price.’s bullion products are provided with real-time pricing that is based on the spot market and is updated every two minutes. They provide products made of precious metals with low premiums, making them an attractive investment option. In point of fact, we believe that they provide some of the most competitive premiums available.


The website provides valuable reading material for anyone interested in precious metals and offers a wide variety of high-quality products to choose from.

When it comes to purchasing bullion online, is a good option because of the low premiums that are charged.

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