Why Buy Gold Coins?

Coins made of gold are a good option for investors because physical gold has been used for hundreds of years as a stable and trustworthy value storage medium. Gold in its physical form gives you the additional advantage of being able to store your wealth outside of the conventional banking system. Gold coins are used in many different countries and are in high demand at all times.

Gold’s price, unlike that of many paper assets, will never reach zero, making gold coins an excellent alternative to printed fiat currency. The price of gold will never go to zero. Gold in its physical form is considered to be the most important asset for safeguarding wealth.

Through its website, BullionVault, individual investors from all over the world are given access to the professional bullion markets. You will incur the fewest expenses possible when purchasing and selling gold and silver, as well as when storing them.

Especially in India, buying gold coins is one of the most popular ways to put one’s money to work as an investment. People have begun to consider investing in gold coins as one of the best ways to save money as a result of the availability of various loan schemes that are collateralized against gold. It is not only an investment option with a low risk, but it also offers better security, which is why it is stress-free to use as an investment method.

Gold is considered to be a tangible asset and has maintained a market value that is favourable throughout the centuries. Consequently, purchasing gold coins as an investment enables you to maintain the confidence that you will receive satisfactory returns in the future.

Gold, on the other hand, is relatively risk-free, and if you choose to invest in it, you can rest assured that your capital will be preserved over the course of the long term. In this regard, let us carefully understand why purchasing gold coins is a good investment by looking at the benefits that are explained below in more detail.

Advantages Associated with Purchasing Gold Coins as an Investment

A hedge against the dangers of inflation

It is commonly believed that gold can act as a hedge against inflation. According to a number of studies, the value of gold has significantly decreased overall risk while also outperforming the rate of inflation. Many people even consider gold to be a potential replacement for the currency, particularly in countries where the national currency is experiencing a decline in value. Considering that gold is a real physical asset that has a tendency to maintain its value in the market, purchasing gold coins is an excellent investment choice that should be considered.

A helpful way to cut costs and save money

Those who are unable to do so in currency can put their money to good use by investing in gold coins instead. Gold’s ability to maintain its value over the course of thousands of years and generations is the primary reason for the precious metal’s significance in the modern economy. The same, however, cannot be said for the currency that is denominated in paper, which is another advantage that makes gold coins a good investment option to consider.

Simple to purchase and to sell

Buying gold coins as an investment is a more straightforward process than buying gold jewelry. When compared to other ornaments, it provides you with the opportunity to purchase it in the purest form that is practical, in the smallest weight possible, and with very little to no making charges. In addition, because there is such a high demand for it, you can easily check the most recent price on the market and sell it without encountering any difficulties. If you do not want to sell the property, you can always use it as collateral to secure a loan from one of the reputable financial institutions.

No maintenance required

Unlike with other types of tangible assets, purchasing gold coins as an investment does not require you to be concerned about the upkeep of your investment in order to obtain the highest possible returns. You can store the gold coins in a secure location at home for hundreds of years, and then sell them whenever you like at the price that was prevailing at the time. Because of this, purchasing gold coins can be one of the most effective ways to safeguard the financial future of you and your loved ones.

Maintaining consistency in costs

Buying gold coins as an investment offers additional benefits, one of which is price stability. The price of gold is relatively stable in comparison to other investment options available on the market, and this holds true even in the midst of a widespread economic crisis. The price of gold never drops by a significant margin. Whenever there is an emergency, people rush to invest their money in gold, which causes its price to skyrocket in a very short amount of time.

Simple to relocate or relocate

In contrast to other investment assets, gold coins, once purchased, can be easily handed down through the generations without the hassle of cumbersome paperwork. In fact, this has always been the case when it comes to how families interact with one another. When significant events take place, such as weddings, the majority of people present their children or other relatives with gold coins and ornaments. When you want someone to have financial security in the long run and reduce their spending, this is a smart way to give them money as a gift.

Does not become worse over the course of time

As was just mentioned, gold coins do not lose their luster even after decades, and their value on the market continues to rise regardless of how old they are. In contrast to other tangible assets, which can experience a decline in value as well as demand over the course of time. Gold coins continue to be strongly associated with stability, security, and longevity despite the ups and downs that the economy experiences.

In addition to the benefits that were discussed above, which explain why purchasing gold coins is a good investment option, it is simple to acquire these coins from a variety of retailers, both online and offline. Additionally, the value of gold coins and the availability of gold coins in a variety of sizes justifies the price of gold coins.


The purchase of gold coins can be a profitable way to invest one’s money; however, there are a few important considerations that one needs to make before making a purchase.

Gold coin’s degree of purity

Before making a purchase of gold coins, you should always have them tested to determine their level of purity. This will help you get the most value out of your money. Karat and finesses are the two units of measurement that are used to determine the degree to which gold coins are pure. Karat, abbreviated as KT, is a commonly used term for measuring the purity of gold.

The purest form of gold is 24 KT, followed by 22 KT, which contains 22 parts of gold and 2 parts of other metals, such as silver and zinc, to make it more durable. The term “finesse,” on the other hand, refers to the definition of the weight of gold in relation to the overall weight and is expressed in the units of parts per thousand. When referred to in terms of finesse, a purity of 999.9 parts per thousand is considered to be the purest form of gold.


An essential consideration to keep in mind when shopping for gold coins and one that could turn your acquisition into a lucrative business opportunity. Always make sure that the gold coin has been marked with a BIS mark, as this indicates the level of purity that it has been certified to have. The Bureau of India Standards was an organisation that was established by the Indian government (BIS). When purchasing gold in any form, this eliminates the possibility of being a victim of fraud. A genuine BIS hallmark will have all four of these components present.

  1. [BIS] logo
  2. Year of hallmarking
  3. Purity mentioned in Karat or Finesse
  4. Jewellery identification mark or registration number


There are currently three different denominations of gold coins that can be purchased in India: five grammes, ten grammes, and twenty grammes. On the other hand, the availability of the gold coins that you wish to purchase is contingent on the seller. They will sometimes even customise the sizes to meet the requirements of the buyer as well as their financial constraints, beginning with as little as 0.5 grammes.

Putting up fees or costs

Because of the relatively straightforward nature of the coin’s design, the cost of making charges on gold coins is significantly lower than the cost of purchasing jewellery. In addition, if you intend to sell the gold ornaments at some point in the future, the costs of production will not be covered by subsequent purchases. Because of this, purchasing gold coins rather than other forms of gold is a smart investment option because it offers the potential for higher returns.

Instructions on how to acquire and store gold coins

If you are interested in purchasing gold coins, it is recommended that you do so from a dealer or financial institution that has a good reputation. For example, purchasing gold coins through Craigslist is not something that we would recommend (but you do you).

Have the gold coins’ authenticity checked before purchasing them from private sellers or from anyone else whose reputation you cannot independently verify. You definitely don’t want to find yourself with a collection of gold-plated lead by accident, do you?

There are one-ounce, one-half-ounce, one-quarter-ounce, and one-tenth-ounce gold coins available for purchase from the United States Mint. When you buy gold coins, you pay an added amount on top of the price per ounce; this is how the dealer makes a profit from the transaction.

When purchasing gold coins with a weight of less than one ounce, you might be required to pay a higher premium. In most cases, purchasing bullion coins like the American Gold Eagle, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, or the South African Krugerrand is the best course of action.

The market for collector’s coins, also known as numismatic coins, is distinct from the market for bullion gold coins. They can be sold at a substantial markup, and the prices of those sales are determined by a wider range of factors.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with collector’s coins, it’s best to stick with bullion coins.

Also, don’t let yourself get carried away when purchasing gold! It is recommended that you invest between 5 and 15 percent of your portfolio in hard assets such as gold coins. The majority of investors want the bulk of their portfolios to be comprised of growth investments such as stocks, mutual funds, and other types of investments. That’s a smart way to get the optimal risk-to-reward ratio for your investments.

Where to store gold coins

After you have purchased gold coins, it is important to ensure that you store them in their cases so that they are protected from scuffs and fingerprints. If you do not have a safe in your home, you should not even entertain the idea of concealing gold there. Thieves either have a good sense of where to look for it or they have access to a metal detector. Instead, you should think about renting a safe at a bank where you can store your gold as well as any other valuables you may have.

Investing in gold coins in other ways

Did you know that you can use the money in your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to purchase coins? However, there is a catch: you won’t be able to take these coins with you when you leave.

Instead, the administrator of your IRA will store them securely for you in a vault. To be eligible for investment in an IRA, a coin must first satisfy certain purity requirements.

There are a variety of other approaches to investing in gold that do not involve physically acquiring gold coins. The benefits of gold as a hedge against inflation can be obtained, for instance, through the purchase of gold mining stock, gold certificates, or exchange-traded products. This allows you to benefit from gold’s properties without having to carry heavy gold coins or worry about where to store them.

We sincerely hope that this article was able to shed some light on the many benefits associated with purchasing gold coins as an investment.


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