Monarch Precious Metals Review

The production and distribution of gold and silver rounds and bars are Monarch Precious Metals’ primary areas of expertise as a private mint and refinery. In addition, every one of its products is poured by hand, and each one bears a label that reads “the old-fashioned way.”

The global economic crisis began in 2008, and it was during this time that the company was established. At the time, there was a high demand for precious metals. The city of Medford, in the state of Oregon, is home to the headquarters of Monarch Precious Metals.

Regarding the administration, there is insufficient information available regarding the website’s proprietor. In BBB, Linda Kaylor is listed as the Principal Contact, but in an article on BlogTalkRadio and a listing at Bizapedia, Daniel Anthony is stated to be the owner of the company.

Many of us still have vivid memories of the severe global financial crisis that occurred in 2008. If you don’t have one, it was a significant issue for a lot of people who had retirement plans. As a direct result of this crisis, the precious metals refinery known as Monarch Precious Metals, which is based in Oregon, was established in order to fulfil the ever-increasing demand for precious metals.

Because a refinery is somewhat dissimilar to the typical precious metals broker or seller, I decided to investigate them to determine whether or not it would be beneficial for you to invest your time and money in them, or whether it would be more prudent to steer clear of them for your metals requirements.

Who exactly is this Monarch Precious Metals company?

The demand for precious metals is at an all-time high right now, but this demand has been consistent for thousands of years. In point of fact, people have been trading silver and gold for millennia, and the value of these investments has both held steady and increased over the course of time. There are also some very good hedging strategies available against inflation.

Monarch Precious Metals is a business that serves the precious metals sector and is connected to the precious metals industry. However, rather than being a dealer in precious metals, they operate as a private refinery in the industry. They are a company that mints gold and silver rounds and bars in various bar and round forms. Each and every one of their products is expertly poured by hand, which is the traditional method that was once used to mint precious metals in the past.

Do you require any specific information regarding the way in which this company conducts its business? Are you trying to find out more about what they offer? Are you looking into whether or not they are legitimate businesses?

The origins of the privately held, family-owned and operated business known today as Monarch Precious Metals lie in the humble beginnings of a coin shop known at the time as Oregon Coin and Jewelry. Because they were having trouble sourcing silver for their customers, they made the executive decision to begin producing their own silver bullion. Since then, as a result of their expansion and growth, they have relocated to the city of Medford in the state of Oregon.

In addition to silver bullion, which bears their trademark after it has been struck by the minting press, you can also buy gold, copper, gifts, United States coins, and accessories and supplies. However, silver is unquestionably their area of expertise, and they carry the broadest selection of silver products available anywhere. This selection includes bullion, rounds, specialty products, and even novelty products. Gold and copper are also available, albeit in much smaller quantities, for those who have a preference for those two metals.

It’s possible that as an investor, you’re not looking for novelty products, but if you’re curious about them anyway, you can find those kinds of things too. Poker chips, spinners, three-dimensionally minted baseballs, and even zodiac coins can all be personalized in this way. In addition, there is a selection of supplies for coin collecting, a small selection of gaming supplies, as well as a selection of books.

Information Regarding the Monarch Precious Metals Company

The year 2008 marked the beginning of operations for the company, which was established at a time when the value of precious metals was increasing as a result of the economic downturn. The city of Medford, in the state of Oregon, serves as the primary headquarters for the company. The company is owned by Daniel Anthony, and the Better Business Bureau views Linda Kaylor as the primary business contact for the organization.

This company offers gold and silver bars and rounds for sale to customers. They do not sell gold coins minted in the United States, either in the form of the American Eagle or the American Buffalo. In point of fact, you can buy gold and silver rounds each containing 1 gramme from them. Strangely enough, they were not successful in selling gold bars either, but if you check out their website, you will see that they do, in fact, sell silver bars. Additionally, they sell raw gold nuggets that are kept in secure glass files.

The services of a precious metals IRA are not offered by Monarch Precious Metals, which is a different company. Even precious metals that do not meet the required levels of purity for an IRA account are not manufactured by this company. Do not even bother to ask for assistance because they are not interested in assisting you with the paperwork associated with your account.

If you are interested in beginning an investment in precious metals through an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you will need to find a gold broker who specialises in opening accounts of this kind. They will provide you with the top level of experience that you’re looking for in addition to helping you with the paperwork, initiating or rolling over, and also helping make your investment purchases.

You need to look for a company that has complete transparency, in addition to having excellent salespeople and customer service representatives.

Scam Alert? Is it True That Monarch Precious Metals Is a Ponzi Scheme?

This company gives the impression of being completely legitimate, taking into account all relevant factors. We have evidenced on multiple occasions that individuals have successfully purchased precious metals from them, and they do in fact have a physical headquarters located somewhere in the real world. Nevertheless, there are a lot of warning signs to be concerned about regarding this company.

A major warning sign regarding Monarch Precious Metals is the company’s lack of transparency. Doing a lot of research and poking around on the company’s Better Business Bureau profile is the only way to get information about who runs the business. Their customers have also mentioned that it is extremely difficult to get in touch with the company via phone or email. This is due to the fact that the company isn’t very forthcoming about addressing customer concerns and that their customer service is subpar.

A further red flag is raised by the fact that they are not present on any third-party review websites, such as the BBB or the BCA. Regrettably, we have never come across any positive reviews regarding this company and have only ever come across negative reviews. You’ll find a number of glowing testimonials on their website, but as we all know, it’s not hard for businesses to fabricate these kinds of things.

Products Made from Monarch’s Precious Metals

Gold and silver bars and rounds are both available from Monarch Precious Metals. The company does not carry the traditional American Gold Buffalos or Eagles in its inventory.

In its place, it comes with gold rounds that each weigh one gramme and bear the inscription “one gram.999 fine gold” on their front faces. At this time, the business does not provide gold bars for purchase online; however, Monarch does sell silver bars.

In addition to that, it provides natural gold nuggets in their raw state that are sealed in glass vials. The website of Monarch Precious Metals does not contain any information relevant to IRA services for those who are interested in learning more about these options.

Members of the Management Team for Monarch Precious Metals

In no way shape or form does the Monarch Precious Metals website provide any information whatsoever regarding the company’s leadership team.

Custodian and Storage of Precious Metals by Monarch Precious Metals

For the purpose of providing IRA custodial services, Monarch Precious Metals does not have any partnerships with other IRA custodians. In addition, the organization does not provide any possibilities for vault storage to its customers.

Products Made from Monarch’s Precious Metals

Gold and silver bullion produced by Monarch Precious Metals, which is also distributed by the company. The following information pertaining to products can be found on the website:

The gold and silver that we use to manufacture our bars and rounds both have a fineness of at least.999. We start with refined raw material and then manufacture poured style bars, which are then marked in the traditional manner. This gives the bars a vintage appearance that collectors adore. In addition, we produce rounds and bars for customers who are interested in a more refined end product. We are a privately held company with our headquarters located in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, which is known for its natural beauty.

The Goods and Services Available

Because it is also a refinery, Monarch Precious Metals has the ability to mint silver into bars that are then stamped with their company’s logo. Through their online marketplace, they also make available a wide selection of other precious metals and coins, as well as various supplies and ideas for presents.

It would appear that the company makes no effort whatsoever to separate out the materials that can be used for precious metals IRAs. It is best to work with an expert if you want to put money into a retirement account for precious metals. Specialized companies are fully aware of all of the IRS regulations that must be adhered to and are able to easily direct you through the entire process.


Silver is the primary product that the refinery processes, making it the most important aspect of the company’s business. Silver rounds, bars, specialty products, and novelties are all available for your purchasing selection.

When you look at the different silver rounds that are available, you have the option of purchasing a one-ounce silver zodiac round, rounds designed for particular events and holidays, as well as oversize and fractional rounds.

There are minted skull bars, building block bars, and other specialty bars available among the company’s selection of silver bars. This is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the business. The Egyptian series silver as well as the building blocks and skulls are included in the specialty silver offered by the company.


The refinery is used by the company to process some of the gold that it has acquired. You have the option of purchasing fine gold rounds that are marked with the Monarch company name in addition to a variety of designs. Before being sent out, each round is encased in a capsule and given a final seal.

In addition, there is a gold bar available for purchase that weighs 1/10 of an ounce and is delivered in a sealed and packaged container. However, there are no other designs for gold bars, nor are there any other weights.

Due to the fact that the company primarily focuses on refining silver products, the selection of gold is significantly more restricted than the selection of silver.


Copper is not always regarded as a precious metal in the industry. On the other hand, the Monarch Precious Metals website does offer customers access to a selection of copper products. These are even rarer than the selection of gold and include the following options:

  • Copper dominoes
  • Copper dice
  • One ounce copper zodiac design

If you are looking for a wide variety of copper bars and rounds, this selection is not the best one to choose from.

Gift Ideas

The organization has compiled a section of their website that features ideas for presents that can be given to spouses, members of the family, and friends. There are sections for gifts made of pure copper and gifts made of fine silver, in addition to sections for items that can have personalized engravings.

The silver gifts include things like custom-engraved poker chips, Bigfoot coins that come in a gift bag, Day of the Dead sugar skull silver rounds, silver spinning top toys, and 3D-minted silver baseballs, among other things.

These are just a few examples of the one-of-a-kind items that can be produced at the refinery. They are more often thought of as novelties or collectibles than as serious investments.

Zodiac rounds are the most typical form of copper jewelry given as gifts. Each of these rounds features a design that is based on one of the zodiac signs. There are twelve signs in total. If you know someone who is interested in astrology and cares about what their star sign is, these items would make an excellent gift for them.

The majority of the items being sold as gifts will come with their very own gift bag or box. If, on the other hand, you prefer to select your own gift box, the website provides a separate section for that purpose as well. Even if you don’t buy the precious metals themselves, you can still buy packaging for your silver and copper. This is because the packaging is sold separately.

In addition to gift boxes, some of the options for packaging include drawstring bags made of genuine leather, pouches made of genuine leather, and airtight plastic capsules made specifically for the purpose of displaying and protecting various coins.

U.S. Coins

The refinery offers a wide selection of United States coins, all of which can be purchased in a variety of packaging. They might have items that are interesting to you if you are a particular kind of collector, but that depends on what kind of collector you are.

You could, for instance, buy a roll of pennies in which each one bears a date that is earlier than 1940. There is no information available about the potential value of the coins or the years that the coins were minted. The mystery might pique your interest if you’re the type of person who enjoys looking into the background of the coins you buy.

There is also the possibility of purchasing a bag containing 5,000 different date pennies that are all wheat cents. There is a possibility that you will find pennies that date from 1909 all the way up to 1958. There are additional rolls and bags that contain various combinations of wheat cents in addition to these wheat cents bags, which are not the only wheat cents bags.

Additionally, you are able to acquire a roll of copper pennies to purchase. The dates on these pennies are all over the place, and their mint markings are all over the place too. A roll containing forty Buffalo nickels is available for purchase if the subject of these coins piques your interest. The coins, just like the other rolls and bags, range in terms of their quality and the date they were struck.


Last but not least, the refinery offers coin collectors the opportunity to purchase supplies. You are able to look through the pages of coin albums, coin tubes, and coin folders. Each is optimized for the specific needs of a different type of collector.

On the website, you can purchase a variety of additional coin collecting supplies, including miscellaneous items. The items in this category, much like those in the other categories, are more frequently novelty items than they are serious collection pieces.

You can purchase books that will provide you with a guide to the coins that were minted by particular refineries during particular time periods. The gift section also includes leather storage bags, airtight capsules, and gift boxes, all of which can be found here.

Customers who buy copper dice or dominoes can also get their hands on a selection of other gaming supplies. You have the option of purchasing a leather gaming mat in either black or brown. Both of these options are constructed using high-quality leather that features the full grain.

The company does not provide any services related to precious metals IRAs and does not have any options for purchasing platinum or palladium.

Details about the organization and its history

Gold and silver bullion can be purchased from Monarch Precious Metals, which operates out of Oregon and can be found online at The company began manufacturing and selling its own collectible gold, silver, and copper products in 2008 shortly after it had been established.

This information can be found on the website, which states, “From refined raw material, we manufacture poured style bars and mark them the old fashioned way, which gives them a rustic look that collectors love.” In addition, we produce rounds and bars for customers who are interested in a more refined end product. We are a privately held company with our headquarters located in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, which is known for its natural beauty.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Investing in Monarch Precious Metals?

I did some research on Monarch Precious Metals and tried to get as much information as possible about the company in order to determine whether or not they are a good option for investors. However, I did find a few warning signs that would prevent me from recommending them to a person who takes investing seriously. However, not every one of them is negative!

Take into consideration the following, if you are thinking about purchasing from Monarch Precious Metals:


  • Offer a wide assortment of unique products
  • A company that is based in the United States
  • A wonderful option for those who are interested in silver as a commodity to invest in.


  • There is no accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Online reviews on third-party review sites are extremely contradictory to one another.
  • Complaints regarding customer service and various order-related problems

Even though they do offer up some unique products and they are not a company that I would consider to be a scam, I would consider them to be more geared towards collectors rather than investors because of the unique products they offer. As you can see, Monarch Precious Metals has some issues.

Online Reviews

Simply reading and looking at different company reviews can raise a variety of different red flags. This is especially true in the case of company reviews. The fact that they do not have accreditation with the organisation raises the first red flag, despite the fact that the Better Business Bureau awards them an excellent rating. Next, a handful of customers have taken the initiative to review the business on its website, and not a single one of those reviews is positive. In point of fact, their overall star rating is a single star out of a possible five, which is, to put it mildly, appalling.

It is extremely difficult to locate reviews that can be trusted in relation to this company. Both the Business Consumer Alliance website and the review website Trustlink do not contain a profile for the company in question, and neither does the website for Trustlink. On their website, it is possible to read testimonials, as was previously mentioned; however, finding objective reviews written by third parties is, at best, difficult.

The fact that the company does not have any reviews is not necessarily a major cause for alarm, but the BBB reviews that are negative are most certainly cause for concern. On the Better Business Bureau website, we will now investigate what feedback previous clients have provided regarding this company.

One of the previous reviewers mentioned that their grandfather gave them the recommendation to work with this particular company. They discuss how their uncle and cousin purchased silver in person from this company and how happy they were with the transaction on both occasions. The reviewer’s grandfather was given money to use on the reviewer’s behalf when making a purchase.

After calling the business a week later, the customers discovered that their order had not been placed, despite the fact that the customers had previously stated that their order had been placed. There was a problem with the credit card. As a result, the customer resolved the issue and made another attempt to buy.

In the end, they came across the same problem as everyone else. And according to the representative of the customer service department, she claimed that it was impossible for her to fix the issue on her own. The reviewer came to the conclusion that the company simply was not willing to sell them the product, or perhaps the company was unwilling to admit that they did not have the product available to sell and made up a fake problem with the credit card as a way to shift blame onto the reviewer.

The final statement made by the reviewer was that they had the impression that their credit card information was no longer secure, and as a result, they planned to keep a close eye on their account to ensure that nothing untoward occurred.

A second reviewer claimed that they were placing their very first order at the time of the review, but the order was processed in an extremely sluggish manner. It took them more than two weeks to finally receive an order confirmation after they had placed the order. They tried to reach the business at the provided phone number but were unable to do so; consequently, they left a message. They continued to call on a daily basis for a period of three days in a row, but nobody picked up the phone for more than a week before they did so.

In the end, the customer did in fact end up receiving the product that they had ordered. Therefore, they came to the conclusion that the following time, they would place an even larger order. Their order went unanswered for a period of time equaling three weeks before they finally got a response. In the same manner as before, they continued to leave message after message in the expectation that somebody from the company would respond to their inquiries.

After some time had passed, the company sent the reviewer an email in which it stated that the check had never been mailed out to them. But the customer thought they were being lied to, and because they thought the company didn’t have their products, they made up the story to justify their belief.

In response, the business stated that it is not uncommon for checks to go missing in the mail. It has been reported that the United States Postal Service has misplaced a significant number of checks over the years. Additionally, the company stated that they had never listened to any of the voicemails that were left for them.

There is no question that the United States Postal Service is capable of losing a check while it is being mailed, but the responses from the company cast doubt on the veracity of this theory. If a customer is going to lie about sending money to a business, it really doesn’t make much sense for them to do so. In addition to this, it is somewhat absurd for a company to take such a defensive stance in response to the specific allegation.

The attitude expressed by Monarch precious metals makes it abundantly clear that the company does not give a damn if any of its clients have unfavorable interactions as a result of doing business with it. As an investor, this fact should not give you much cause for optimism because it demonstrates that the company places so little importance on the satisfaction of its clients.

The Result of the Case Concerning Monarch Precious Metals

Investors who take their business seriously want to work with a company that is committed to taking care of them and ensuring that the money they have worked so hard to earn is spent in a responsible manner, particularly on investments that will contribute to their retirement. If this is the case, I would say that Monarch Precious Metals is more suitable for people who have an interest in collecting than it is for people who are looking to make financial investments.

Online reviews from customers are mixed, with some expressing dissatisfaction with pushy salespeople, a lack of response from customer service, and problems with their orders. Others appreciate the availability of one-of-a-kind products, such as the extensive selection of silver goods.

As a matter of fact, Monarch Precious Metals, which is a respectable company, does not provide anything that sets it apart from any other precious metals company. Coupled with the fact that the company has experienced problems with customer service, it is possible that you should steer clear of this business if you are interested in making significant financial investments.

Although there is no doubt about the legitimacy of this company, on the surface, they do not appear to be the most successful enterprise in the history of the world. There are far too many warning signs pertaining to this company that can be found online, some of which include terrible customer service, a lack of transparency, and a very limited presence on the internet.

Because it is difficult to find reviews written in a positive tone about Monarch Precious Metals, we are unable to give them our full endorsement as a company to do business with. On the internet, one can find a large number of other precious metals dealers from which to choose. These dealers have stellar reputations and put in significant effort to address concerns raised by customers. They will return your call, respond to you when you email them, and ultimately treat you with the utmost decency and respect.

On the surface, it would appear that Monarch Precious Metals has a lot of different options available to them. However, after reviewing the facts that we have found about them, we have determined that the terrible business practices that they engage in are sufficient cause to steer clear of this organization at all costs.

In general, Monarch Precious Metals seems like it would be a wonderful company to work for — at least initially. However, there are warning signs that you should look out for in the precious metals dealer you choose. Customers have reported problems with their orders, pushy salespeople, and lack of response from customer service representatives. Other complaints include being ignored.

There is nothing that can be purchased from Monarch that cannot also be purchased from a different precious metals dealer. And there are plenty of other online dealers who have much more overwhelmingly positive feedback from their customers. It is in your best interest to make an investment with one of these rather than to squander your time working with a company that might not provide you with a positive experience.


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