Best Online Gold Dealers – Buy And Sell Real Gold

Gold has been regarded as a valuable commodity for thousands of years, and today, there are dozens of places online where one can buy gold, making investing in gold more popular than it has ever been. Ingots, gold coins, and gold bars (also known as “bullion”) are the various forms that gold can be purchased in that are available for purchase. Many people see owning physical gold as a valuable way to protect their wealth from the effects of inflation and diversify their holdings in times of volatile market conditions.

Buying gold online can give the impression of being a high-risk endeavour, especially when one considers the possibility of receiving fake gold. Because there are so many locations where one can buy gold online, it is essential to find a dealer that one can have faith in. Our research has led us to identify the most trustworthy and reputable gold dealers operating online. These dealers offer open and honest pricing, reasonable fees, dependable shipping, and friendly customer service.

Adding gold to your investment portfolio is a good idea to consider if you are looking for ways to broaden the scope of your holdings. Its worth is acknowledged on a global scale, it does not depreciate or tarnish with the passage of time, and most importantly, it is an investment strategy that is more risk-free than any of its competitors.

This is due to the fact that the value of genuine gold is not very closely linked to the economic policies or actions taken by the government. To put it another way, it’s an investment strategy that’s secure and reliable, so you can count on it.

The following article is a roundup of the five best online gold dealers for purchasing and selling genuine gold. These dealers can be found online.  We provide a comprehensive analysis of the benefits and drawbacks, as well as the overall services, that each dealer has to offer.

Continue reading to learn where you can purchase gold chains, coins, bars, bullets, and more at the most competitive prices.


Money Metals Exchange is a dominant player in the industry. The company was founded in 2010.

In point of fact, it is one of the most trustworthy online gold dealers, and for all the reasons that should be considered, as well. Stefan Gleason, who started the company, is largely responsible for its explosive growth and dominant position in its industry.

Because of Stefan’s prior experience working for a company that published financial newsletters, he has a solid understanding of the criteria that actual investors look for in a gold and silver savings plan. Therefore, the platform provides a variety of lucrative business opportunities that immediately resonate with investors of any age or with any size portfolio.

You will discover on the site an inventory that is both extremely varied and very neatly arranged. Not only bullion, bullets, bars, and coins made of gold are included, but also those made of silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium, and even copper.

Those who are new to the industry will find that Money Metals makes everything very simple. If this is your first time investing, you have a variety of options available to you in the form of starter kits and portfolios that have already been assembled.

It is a practical solution that prevents you from having to do a lot of difficult thinking and wreaking havoc on your finances while attempting to group bullion together.

The fact that Money Metals also provides storage services has contributed to the company’s widespread popularity among gold investors. You can have your inventory brought right to your door if you so choose. You also have the option of storing it directly with them if you prefer.

If you go with the second option, you will save money on shipping. Additionally, your bullion will be kept in a secure location, which will eliminate the possibility of having your assets stolen from your home.

In addition, the prices offered by Money Metals are a great deal lower than those offered by other bullion dealers. You have the option of beginning with a few hundred dollars or investing thousands of dollars, whichever you prefer.


  • Security: SSL-encryption certified by DigiCert.
  • Fees: Varies according to the value of your holding.
  • Shipping Costs: Free on purchases worth $1,000 or above. Otherwise, the cost may vary by order value.


  • Carries for sale some of the world’s most desirable gold coins
  • Provides a variety of payment options, including support for cryptocurrencies.
  • Spot prices of all metals are displayed on the website and are kept up to date in real time through the use of live pricing.
  • The depository services offered by Money Metal allow investors to have their orders stored in a safe location within the company’s stock building. The facility utilises vaults that are UL Class 3.
  • Insurance – The investment accounts that customers have with Money Metal are 100% covered by an insurance policy issued by Lloyds of London.
  • Bullion packages consisting of gold, silver, and possibly other metals are referred to as premade portfolios.


  • Additional fees: If you pay with a credit card or a PayPal account, the dealer will assess an additional transaction fee of 4%.
  • Costs of shipment; orders need to total at least $1,000 to qualify for free shipping.


  • Resource centre – This website offers a specialised news section in which users can access both historical and real-time data to monitor the prices of various metals.
  • Alerts that can be personalised Customers can set personalised alerts in order to be notified about the most recent prices at the appropriate time.


Both inexperienced and seasoned traders have expressed satisfaction with the services provided by Money Metals Exchange.

It is a trustworthy marketplace where a wide selection of precious metals can be purchased and even sold by users. Because it sells bullion at prices that are either equal to or close to the spot price of the metal, collectors consider it to be the best place to buy gold online.

Bear in mind that even though they provide excellent customer service overall, their representatives are not available on weekends. This is the only drawback to working with them. This is the only major issue that their customers have brought to their attention.


At Money Metals, it is highly unlikely that you will not be able to locate the bullion or gold savings plan that you are looking for. Nevertheless, in the extremely unlikely event that it does occur, BGASC is the location that should come in second place to be considered.

BGASC is an acronym that stands for Buy Gold And Silver Coins. This reputable website caters to investors in both gold and silver. It is quick and dependable, and it provides you with an excellent opportunity to further increase the value of the money you have worked so hard to earn.

The process of purchasing gold from BGASC is incredibly uncomplicated. Customers are provided with clear, high-definition images depicting the products they are purchasing so that they are aware of exactly what they are investing in. When you locate an item that appeals to you, all you have to do to purchase it is add it to your shopping cart.

You will be given the opportunity to choose the method of payment. The dealer accepts payments made with your credit card or debit card, as well as those made through PayPal, paper checks, or direct bank transfers. Simply select the alternatives that are most appealing to you, and you’re done! You now have ownership of genuine gold!

Because the dealer carries such a comprehensive inventory of coins, bars, and rounds, this online storefront is your best option for purchasing precious metals. Coins that have been graded by both the PCGS and the NGC will be available, in addition to silver and gold.


  • Security: High-level
  • Fees: Not mentioned on site
  • Shipping Costs: Free shipping on orders above $5,000


  • Wide selection of silver and gold bullion
  • Competitive prices help you invest as per your investment goals
  • It is a 100% secure way to trade gold and silver online
  • Orders can be placed on website or via phone
  • Fast shipping
  • All orders are fully insured while in transit
  • Outstanding customer service


  • Ships only within the US (does not ship to Minnesota)


  • Dedicated market tools and news section
  • Get price alerts
  • Real-time price charts
  • 3-day return policy


The best way to invest in gold and silver for those who want to get their hands on their purchase as quickly as possible is through BGASC, which provides this service. There is no required minimum amount to invest, and the very same day that your payment is confirmed, your order will be processed and shipped out.

In point of fact, it stands out from all of the other online gold brokers due to the unparalleled quality of the shipping services that it provides. Before sending high-value items out the door, BGASC makes certain that they have been appropriately packaged in protective materials and that the packages have been sealed.

In addition, there is full coverage for any damage that may still be caused while the item is being transported. Because they have a policy that allows customers to get their money back if they change their minds after making a purchase, it is a secure location for bullion transactions.


When people are considering buying or selling gold or silver online, one of their primary concerns is whether or not they will be safe. When you choose to invest with BullionVault, on the other hand, you can put all of these concerns to rest once and for all.

It is said that BullionVault is the largest online gold brokerage in the world. This company is owned jointly by Augmentum Fintech PLC and GBIT. The company has garnered the business of 90,000 customers from 175 different countries around the world.

It conducts transactions each month totaling more than one hundred million dollars’ worth of gold and silver, and it deals in all volumes of investment, ranging from as little as one hundred dollars to as much as several hundred thousand dollars, as well as everything in between.

According to the information provided on their website, BullionVault has physical gold and silver reserves worth more than $3 billion.

Simply put, it is a reliable platform that eliminates the possibility of being defrauded while allowing for the trading of the two most precious metals.


  • Security: High-level
  • Fees: No fees charged for opening account and depositing funds
  • Shipping Costs: Not applicable


  • Reduced commissions on purchases and sales – When buying or selling gold, silver, or platinum, they charge less than 0.5 percent in fees.
  • Withdrawals in one day – You can make a sale at any time, and the funds will be processed and transferred to you within one business day.
  • All bullion purchased at BullionVault is eligible for trading on professional markets around the world.
  • Only deals in bullion that has been allocated.


  • Omits the shipping of the assets.
  • Because BullionVault’s online trading platform is so complicated and difficult to use, managing your account there can be a bit of a hassle at times.


  • Storage option – Has high-security vaults in multiple locations around the world. You can store your bullion in the vault of your choice.
  • Deal in all major currencies – You can purchase assets in US Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros, and even Japanese Yen.


Trading precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum can be made easy, secure, and affordable with the help of BullionVault. Because it is a transaction-only entity, it stands out from the other online gold dealers on this list. This is one of the ways in which it differentiates itself. In other words, you are not permitted to physically possess the assets at any point in time.

The bullion is held in their designated vaults according to the terms of a bailment agreement. Many investors find success with this strategy, despite the fact that it robs them of the satisfying experience of physically possessing the assets they invest in.

This is due to the fact that they do not need to spend money purchasing allocated storage at their respective local banks. You might already be aware of this, but the costs of using bank storage facilities are typically quite high and can significantly cut into your profits.


SD Bullion is a well-established and top-rated online gold broker. It was launched by the Silver Doctors network in 2012 and has been in business since then. It offers exceptional customer service, a variety of direct storage options, and hassle-free shipping, all of which contribute to its popularity among buyers of gold and silver.

The initial mission of SD Bullion was to impart an understanding of the value of tangible assets to the general public. In fewer than ten years, it has developed into a global trading platform that caters to the needs of thousands of customers located in 28 different countries.

You are able to make investments in a wide range of precious metal bullion here. Coins, bars, and rounds made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are available for purchase from this business. For purchasers who are interested in keeping their assets in pristine condition, accessories such as coin magnifiers, coin cleaners, and storage boxes are also available to purchase.


  • Security: SSL-encryption verified by DigiCert
  • Fees: 5% if paying via Paypal or credit card; 3% for all other modes of payment
  • Shipping Costs: Free shipping on local orders over $99


  • Offers a variety of bullion at highly competitive prices
  • User-friendly site – Making a purchase is quick and easy
  • Multiple ways to pay for your order – Includes Bitcoins, paper and electronic checks, credit and debit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfer
  • Does not charge any commission or extra service fees
  • Offers international delivery services
  • Packages are insured for their full value during shipping
  • Process sensitive payment data using SSL-encryption


  • You will have to compensate the market loss if you wish to return your purchase


  • Helps you stay up to date with live precious metal spot prices
  • Customers can open a depository storage which is free for the first three months


There is a good reason why SD Bullion is not considered to be among the best places to purchase gold coins. To this day, it has generated more than one billion dollars in revenue from sales.

The fact that this company has appeared not once but twice on Inc. Magazine’s list of the top 500 fastest-growing companies is evidence that the services they provide are dependable and trustworthy.

Because it does not impose any restrictions on the minimum order, beginning investors are free to begin trading with any amount they choose. However, keep in mind that all orders with a total value of less than $99 will be charged a flat shipping rate of $7.77. Free shipping is applied to all orders over $99.


GMRgold is the ultimate one-stop brokerage for clients who only have a small amount of money to invest but still want to invest in gold and silver. This trading platform unquestionably outcompetes all of the other online gold brokers in terms of pricing, as it offers deals beginning at less than $25.

You won’t have any trouble locating or purchasing gold coins, bullets, bars, or rounds when you shop at Additionally, it is possible to purchase some of the most unique items, such as American Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Chinese Pandas, and Australian Kangaroos on this website.

Every item that is put up for sale at GMRgold goes through a thorough quality check. As a result, customers can shop with confidence, understanding that they will only ever purchase genuine goods with genuine value on the market.


  • Security: 100% secure
  • Fees: Not specified
  • Shipping Cost: Free shipping on orders above $75


  • Deals in physical gold coin and bars
  • Offers Numismatic coins
  • Lowest cutoff for free delivery compared to all other online gold dealers featured on this list


  • The company is not BBB accredited
  • Many customers complain of delayed delivery


  • Displays real-time market prices of all the precious metals so buyers can make an informed decision
  • Offers free appraisals of portfolios within 2 days
  • Best place to sell gold coins as they provide you with estimate quotes after a no-obligation consultation


Because of the reasonable prices at which they offer their products, GMRgold makes it very easy to put money into gold coins. Since the company first opened its doors, the team has been putting in a lot of effort to make sure that their inventory is always stocked with valuable and uncommon metal assets.

It should be noted that GMRgold does not have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which creates some uncertainty regarding the company’s credibility.

On the other hand, in addition to taking orders through the website, the business also takes them over the phone. Before placing an order, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always call them up and ask them directly.


Since the year 2000, APMEX has been offering online sales of gold as well as other precious metals, and it has since grown to become the largest online gold retailer in the world. When it comes to buying gold over the internet, APMEX is considered the standard because the company has more than 200 employees and has sold more than 130 million ounces of gold and silver since it was founded.

In 1999, Scott Thomas sold his grandfather’s coin collection on eBay, which inspired him to begin buying and selling coins online. This led to the founding of APMEX by Mr. Thomas. Because of the rapid expansion of his coin-selling business, he established the American Precious Metals Exchange in the year 2000. The company’s offices were formerly housed in the same building as the Federal Reserve of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, where the company’s headquarters are located.

APMEX is now a multibillion-dollar company that not only sells gold in more than 60 countries around the world but also stores gold that is owned by customers in vaults that are located on their premises. Online customers can purchase gold coins, gold bullion, and a variety of other gold products from APMEX. In addition to this, it offers safe storage solutions through Citadel, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

APMEX is committed to providing a seamless experience for its customers from beginning to end. This is accomplished by providing a user-friendly website, accurate and up-to-date online pricing information, trustworthy third-party shipping partners, and customer service support via phone or live online chat. All purchases are eligible for a return period that lasts for a maximum of seven days. You can purchase gold using a variety of payment methods, including a credit card, check, bank wire, or even cryptocurrency.

Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange was established in 2010 by Stefan Gleason as a marketplace where customers can purchase gold and silver at prices that are significantly lower than the market average. Since then, the business has expanded, and it now serves more than 250,000 customers. Furthermore, the ever-expanding product selection provides gold investors with more choices than the majority of online gold dealers do.

In addition to modern gold coins, rounds, bars, and bullion, Money Metals Exchange offers a selection of historic gold coins and other newly minted gold products from countries all over the world. It provides beginner investors with the opportunity to buy a portfolio of gold and silver products in a single transaction by providing starter packages. In addition, there is an automatic savings plan for regular gold investments that costs $100 per month to participate in.

Money Metals Exchange provides free shipping on all orders that are over $500, and the company ensures that your investment is protected by shipping all of its products with the appropriate level of carrier insurance.

The process of purchasing gold through the Money Metals Exchange website is fairly uncomplicated, but there are restrictions regarding certain payment methods. Users have the option of making purchases with either a debit or credit card; however, a payment processing fee of 4% is applied to debit and credit card transactions, and this fee is passed on to the customer.

JM Bullion

Michael Wittmeyer and Jonathan Wanchalk established JM Bullion in 2011. The company currently has over 500,000 customers and has fulfilled almost 4 million orders since its inception. In point of fact, ranked it as the most successful and fastest-growing precious metals company in the United States in the year 2016.

The process of purchasing gold online is made straightforward and user-friendly by JM Bullion. Customers have access, through the company’s website, to gold charts that reflect spot pricing, and the website’s built-in knowledge base assists in providing prompt responses to frequently asked questions.

On the website, customers can purchase gold coins, gold bars, gold rounds, gold bullion, and other gold products. Additionally, customers can purchase gold that is IRA-approved for use as an investment in retirement accounts. The prices are not prohibitively expensive, and if you spend more than $199, shipping is free (USPS only). USPS shipping costs $7.99 for orders that are less than $199.

Golden Eagle Coins

Golden Eagle Coins was established in 1974 by Bob Mangels Sr. and Richard Stelfox, and since then, the business has expanded to become the most prominent gold coin and bullion dealer in the metropolitan area of Washington, District of Columbia. There is a popular gold coin available for every type of investor, including the American Gold Eagle, the American Gold Buffalo Coin, the South African Gold Krugerrand, and the Chinese Gold Panda. These gold coins are all made of pure gold.

Golden Eagle Coins provides customers with access to a comprehensive library that aims to educate them on how to make profitable investments in precious metals and coins. In addition to this, it maintains a blog that discusses various coins and collections, in addition to providing additional educational insight into the world of rare coin investing.

Golden Eagle Coins has garnered a reputation as one of the most trustworthy online gold dealers in the business thanks to the more than 20,000 positive reviews it has received and the outstanding assistance it provides to customers. You can get in touch with its expert team by telephone, fax, or electronic mail. Appointments can be made to meet with a representative of the company in person at their location in Laurel, Maryland.

Orders that are less than $99 are charged a flat rate of $9.95 for shipping, while those that are over $99 receive free shipping. Any order can be returned within the first seven days after it has been received, but doing so may result in additional charges for restocking and market loss.


Joseph Merrick established Provident Metals in 2009, and it rapidly rose to prominence as a premier online destination for the purchase of all precious metals, including gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium. It provides minted metals from the United States and Canada, in addition to other mints from all over the world. In 2019, JM Bullion completed its acquisition of Provident.

Provident carries an extensive selection of precious metals in a variety of forms, including coin, bar, round, and other varieties. Additionally, it offers limited-edition minted coin series from the United States Mint as well as other mints from around the world for sale. Coins from the Egyptian Gods series, the Provident Year of the Bull series, the Provident Prospector series, the World of Dragons series, the Warrior Series, the Queen’s Beasts series, and the Four Horsemen series are among these.

Since its founding, Provident has fulfilled more than one million customer orders and has received positive feedback on its website in the form of over 40,000 reviews rated five stars.

Provident only ships within the United States and provides free shipping on all orders that are more than $199 in total. Orders that are less than that amount will be charged a shipping fee of $7.99. Provident also has a five-day return policy, which allows customers to send back their orders for any reason within the first five days after receiving them. A market loss policy applies to any returns that are processed.

Since its founding in 2011, SD Bullion has become one of the most successful and well-known online retailers catering to investors in gold and silver. A reliable supplier of gold and silver at low prices, SD Bullion has over 250,000 satisfied customers and has generated more than one billion dollars in revenue since it was founded.

Customers are also provided with a secure location in which to keep any gold that they have purchased, with the first three months of storage being provided free of charge (after that, the price per month begins at $9.99). SD Bullion will ship your order for free within the United States on any order that is more than $199 and will charge a flat rate of $9.95 for any order that is less than $199. Additionally, it is available for international shipping.

In comparison to their rivals, SD Bullion’s selection is noticeably more constrained, as they do not keep several items in stock at any given time. For instance, it might only have one variety of American Eagle gold coin in stock at any given time, whereas its rivals typically carry a much wider variety of options in their inventory.

Bitcoin is one of the many payment methods that can be used at SD Bullion.

Online Gold Brokers FAQ


A business that facilitates the buying and selling of gold between investors and collectors is known as a gold broker. At first, a gold broker was someone who ran their business out of a physical office and conducted the majority of their business with customers in their immediate area.

On the other hand, the proliferation of online gold dealers can be attributed to the development of the internet as well as advances in technology.

Gold brokers of today operate outside of the confines of their traditional regional networks. They cater to customers from all over the world and typically engage in business transactions involving a wide range of valuable commodities, including silver, diamonds, and other similar items.

Take note that many people get the distinction between gold dealers and gold brokers confused. This is due to the numerous distinct methods that each of these tradespeople might utilise.

The role of a broker is typically to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. In other words, they serve as a go-between to negotiate deals, and as such, they do not maintain any sort of claim on the property of their customers. However, in exchange for facilitating the sale and purchase of the commodity, they do charge a fee for their service.

On the other hand, a dealer will typically only sell the kinds of things that fall under their area of expertise; however, there are times when they will buy things with the goal of later reselling them.

With that being said, it is essential to keep in mind that the terms are frequently used interchangeably when referring to gold and other precious metals of a similar nature.

This is due to the fact that many online gold dealers operating in the modern era offer a variety of services, some of which include purchase, storage, and brokerage as well.


It should come as no surprise that the market is crowded with dealers operating from all four corners of the globe given how much simpler gold trading has become in recent years.

On the other hand, your time and, more importantly, your money may not be well spent at every gold dealer. The most trustworthy gold dealers don’t feel the need to promote themselves. They chose to let their previous work do the talking for them.

To put it another way, if you’re looking for the best place to buy gold, you shouldn’t put too much stock in the website that boasts being “the most reputable dealer” at the very top in boldface type.

Instead, you should look into their list of services, inventory size, and previous successes in addition to any customer reviews they may have.

The gold dealer with the highest level of credibility will have a stellar reputation for providing excellent customer service, maintaining competitive prices, and engaging in ethical business practices.

Gold dealers such as Money Metals, BGASC, SD Bullion, and others that we have reviewed above are among the best online gold dealers because the positive customer reviews that their competitors’ customers have written about them speak very highly of them.


It is not an outdated notion to believe that visiting a jeweller or gold coin shop in your neighbourhood is still the most secure way to purchase gold. Purchasing or selling gold at a traditional retail establishment removes all elements of uncertainty from the transaction.

When you make a purchase in person, you immediately take delivery of the asset you have purchased. On the other hand, shopping online exposes consumers to a number of potential dangers. For example, you could be conned into paying more than the gold is actually worth, or you could be cheated out of your money because the gold was never delivered.

Although millions of dollars worth of physical gold are successfully traded online every day by thousands of people all over the world, in order for investors to be successful in this endeavour, they must always conduct extensive research and thorough analysis.


The purchase of gold via the internet is generally risk-free so long as it is done from reputable dealers. If you are unfamiliar with the process of investing, it is recommended that you begin with a modest amount. Do not purchase anything that has a hefty price tag attached to it.

Instead, it is recommended that you start by purchasing only a few gold coins so that you can become familiar with this type of investment. This will not only give you an idea of the services offered by the dealer but also of how responsive they are.

When you get the sense that you have mastered the process and can do it with ease, you can increase the quantity of your order to make more money.

Keep in mind that the retailer is not the only factor to consider. In addition to this, what you buy and how much of it matters as well.

Even customers who purchase their gold from the most reputable online gold dealers run the risk of incurring losses if they are unaware of the ins and outs of how hard asset investing works.


Gold stocks may give the impression of being comparable to physical gold, but there is a significant difference between the two. A gold stock, which is also known as paper gold, functions in essentially the same way as regular stocks do.

The rate at which your investment grows is entirely dependent on your good fortune. Because you won’t actually possess any physical gold, there is a greater possibility that you will suffer a financial loss if the company that is mining gold on your behalf runs into any kind of difficulty.

On the other hand, owning gold in its physical form is a more secure investment. Because you own it outright, regardless of how the stock market is performing, it will never lose the value that comes from its constituent parts.

In point of fact, the price of gold tends to rise whenever there is a slowdown in the economy. Investing in hard gold, on the other hand, comes with the disadvantage of not being able to simply put it away in a safe at home. You are required to store it in an account that is IRA-approved and is watched over by a custodian.

People who would rather invest their money in gold stocks rather than actual gold do so primarily due to the fact that stocks can be liquidated more quickly than gold itself. In addition, you won’t have to worry about complying with any IRS regulations if you hold the stock in your portfolio.

Who Are Online Gold Dealers and What Do They Do?

Companies that buy and sell gold online and typically base their transactions on the current spot price of gold are known as online gold dealers. The markup on the spot price that these dealers typically have—which they use to collect a fee for their services—is typically not very significant. Coins, rounds, bars, and other forms of bullion can all be purchased from gold dealers.

Is It Risk-Free to Buy Gold Online?

In the precious metals industry, there are cons perpetrated by dishonest “dealers” who sell low-quality or even counterfeit gold products to customers who aren’t paying attention. To avoid falling victim to one of these cons, it is best to make purchases from reputable dealers who have an excellent track record. Always do your research on the company before purchasing gold from them. Look up ratings on websites such as the Better Business Bureau and read online reviews from third-party review sites before making a purchase.

Who is the Most Trustworthy Gold Dealer Online?

We found that American Precious Metals Exchange (APMEX) offered the widest selection of gold coins, bullion, and other products, so we decided to go with them as our top pick. They sell gold in over 60 different countries. In addition to this, it offers safe storage solutions through Citadel, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. APMEX is a safe and easy platform to use due to the accessibility of its website, the openness of its online pricing, the reliability of its shipping partners, and the assistance it provides to customers.

Where Should I Keep the Gold That I’ve Bought From an Online Gold Dealer?

Gold ought to be kept in a secure location, such as a safe deposit box at a financial institution or a high-quality fire safe in the owner’s residence. A significant number of online gold dealers also provide investors with the option of storing their gold purchases in a safe environment until such time as they are ready to take delivery of their gold. However, regardless of where you choose to store it, you should make sure that the gold is adequately insured in order to protect it from being stolen or lost for any other reason.

How Can I Determine If a Gold Dealer That I Found Online Is Reliable?

You will need to do some research into the following criteria in order to find a reputable online gold dealer:

Industry Reputation: Look for a vendor who has been in the trade for a significant amount of time and has amassed both positive and negative comments from clients (such as awards).

Transparency in Pricing A reputable dealer will have up-to-the-minute spot pricing on gold, in addition to clear fee disclosures for things like shipping and returns. This is an indicator of the dealer’s commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Multiple Payment Methods: A reputable dealer should take a variety of payments, such as those made with credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Make certain that the gold dealer has a physical location and not just an online presence by checking out their headquarters.


Our top recommendation for online gold dealers is APMEX because they provide the best overall customer experience in addition to having the best selection of gold products at competitive prices.

If you are interested in purchasing gold over the internet, we strongly suggest that you begin your search here. If, on the other hand, you are only interested in purchasing gold coins, you should check out Golden Eagle Coins because they have the most extensive selection available.

Gold, silver, and investments in other precious metals are just some of the hard assets that have seen a recent surge in popularity.

Investing in tangible assets for the purpose of securing one’s financial future is a smart move at a time when the prognosis for the future of the economy around the world is extremely bleak and the threat of a recession hangs constantly in the air above every nation.

We really hope that you were able to find a secure place to trade your gold after reading all of the information that was presented to you about the best online gold dealers.


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