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When it comes to IRA-eligible investments in precious metals, Oxford Gold Group is one of the most trusted names in the industry. This post provides an overview of the various services they provide, along with information regarding pricing and the opinions of previous clients regarding the organization.

The Oxford Gold Group is a precious metals brokerage firm that is owned and operated by industry veterans with over twenty years of combined experience in the field. Customers who come to Oxford Gold Group are treated well and as partners in every transaction. The company offers telephone customer service and low commissions to customers who come to the business.

Customers benefit from having direct contact with the owners of the business when conducting transactions involving precious metals, and they frequently find that having the owners’ personal experience working with them is a significant benefit when planning and carrying out precious metals transactions. Customers have the option of making individual contributions to retirement accounts backed by precious metals or conducting individual transactions for the purchase of physical goods.

Coins and bars minted from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum are among the products this business offers for purchase. Additionally, gold-backed individual retirement account investments are available through this organization. In addition, the website offers downloadable content and instructional materials for the buyer’s education in order to facilitate the transaction.

Oxford Gold Group is a precious metal investment firm with headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. The company specialises in assisting clients in achieving their retirement objectives through the use of self-directed precious metal IRAs. They can assist you in developing investment strategies that are specifically geared toward the acquisition of precious metals.

The business facilitates the opening of taxable accounts in addition to precious metal IRAs. The idea that precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium should be accessible to people of all income levels led to the establishment of the company. The organization specialises in converting qualified 401(k) accounts as well as existing IRAs into precious metals such as gold, silver, and others.

Before we begin with this discussion, please note the following:

We are aware of how challenging it can be to find a company in which you have complete faith to entrust your hard-earned money. Because of this, we work hard to produce information that is both informative and helpful so that we can arm you with as much data as possible to help you make the best choice.

We have compiled a list of the investment firms that come the highest on our list of recommendations in order to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you to compare and select the firm that is best suited to meet your requirements.

Keep reading if you are interested in purchasing precious metals as an investment for your own personal safety or as a means of funding your retirement.

The Goods and Services Available

The Oxford Gold Group offers a diverse selection of both products and services, giving customers plenty of options. The business provides customers with access to a wide selection of coins made of precious metals, such as 1 oz American Gold Eagle coins, 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf Silver coins, as well as many other options. In addition, purchasers have the option of choosing from a diverse selection of precious metal bars, such as those containing 1 ounce of gold, 1 ounce of platinum, or 100 ounces of silver.

You have the ability to put anywhere from $5,500 to $6,500 per year into a gold-backed individual retirement account (IRA), depending on your income and various other factors. At the age of 59.5, you are eligible to start withdrawing money from your IRA; however, you will be subject to income taxes on the money you withdraw.

You are required to start withdrawing money from the account when you reach 70.5 years old, but you get to decide how much. Individual Retirement Accounts, also known as IRAs, are an option for retirement planning consideration for people who do not want their retirement plans to be dependent on a single employer or who are self-employed.

Unlike other retirement plans, IRAs are not backed by the employer in the same way that other retirement plans are. Rollovers and transfers from other retirement accounts are both possible with IRAs offered by Oxford Gold Group, and the account holder has the option of selecting which metals the account will be linked to.


With Oxford Gold Group’s Gold and Silver Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you are able to make tax-advantaged investments in precious metals in preparation for your retirement.

As a result of this, rather than owning so-called “paper gold,” you have the opportunity to own real, physical precious metals approved by the IRS as part of your retirement savings plan by investing in gold mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and stocks. You can do this by investing in gold mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks.

A self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) like this one can make it possible to invest in physical gold, in contrast to the majority of retirement accounts, such as common employee-sponsored 401(k)s, which do not permit investing in physical gold.

Additionally, you are not restricted to just gold and silver as options. You could put your money into metals such as:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • palladium

However, you might be wondering whether or not you should put your money into precious metals for your retirement. If this is the case, there are typically two explanations given.

The initial justification for purchasing gold is to hedge against the unpredictability of the stock market. There are times when prices aren’t very good, despite the fact that the value of the stock market has generally been increasing over the course of the years.

If you wait until the end of your retirement to start withdrawing money from your investment account, you might be surprised to find that the stock market has given you lower returns than expected and that you have less money than you had anticipated.

Because the price of gold and other precious metals does not correlate with the price of stocks, expanding your investment portfolio to include gold and other precious metals can act as a safety net when stock markets are performing poorly.

Some people also believe that gold can protect one from inflation. As a result of its inherent value and restricted availability, there are those who maintain that it maintains its value better than the dollar.

You are free to form your own opinion regarding the veracity of the statement, but if you do, you should consider opening a gold individual retirement account.

Oxford Gold Group Costs

Oxford Gold Group levies an annual fixed maintenance fee for precious metals individual retirement accounts (IRAs). The annual maintenance fee for the IRA can range anywhere from $175 to $275, depending on the amount of money that is contributed to the account.

Oxford Gold is in a position to provide their clientele with a flat fee structure thanks to their partnership with Strata Trust Company and Equity Institutional, which has resulted in the standardization of both their services and their costs.

A man holding a cell phone while he stands next to him. Customers who have larger accounts are eligible for rebates, which lower the ongoing maintenance fees.

The length of time that rebates can be used for is directly proportional to the size of the account. During the first three years of the rebate programme, Oxford Gold Group’s average IRA client is exempt from paying any fees related to the account’s maintenance or storage.

The amount that Oxford pays for storage can vary greatly depending on the vault company that they work with. The cost of self-storage ranges from approximately $175 to $225 per year on average. However, the size of the investment determines whether or not Oxford Gold will provide a rebate of one to five years for the storage fees that are paid.

There is no cost associated with the shipment of this item. Oxford Gold Group does charge commission fees, which is standard practice for the purchase or sale of any investment, but they do not charge brokerage fees. These fees are not applicable to the purchase or sale of precious metals.

You are required to make a purchase of at least $7,500 for your IRA or $1,500 if you do not have an IRA in order to buy metals. When it comes time to liquidate holdings, Oxford Gold Group offers a buy-back programme in addition to a programme that does not charge a fee for the service.

What kinds of services are available to customers of Oxford Gold Group?

The Oxford Gold Group’s Learning Center is an extensive resource that equips clients, particularly novices, with the information and tools necessary to make profitable investments in precious metals. In addition to providing free access to educational and research materials, the company provides the following services to its customers:

Precious metals IRA

Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, are financial vehicles that are offered to individuals who are interested in beginning the process of saving money for retirement. In exchange for the fact that there are limitations placed on people’s ability to withdraw the money they have contributed, these accounts provide tax benefits. The clients of Oxford Gold Group have the option of having their precious metal IRAs managed by Oxford Gold Group using their tax-advantaged account.

You will be required to make contributions to your precious metal IRA and select the metals that you would like to invest in based on your preferences and the requirements of the IRA. The Oxford Gold Group will handle everything for you, from the purchase all the way through the storage of the gold. When it is time for you to withdraw money from your account, the company will send the metal to you via direct shipment.

Silver, gold, platinum, and palladium products

Even if you are not interested in opening a precious metal IRA, Oxford Gold Group still provides a variety of products containing precious metals. Coins and bars made of palladium, gold, silver, and platinum are all available for purchase in a variety of countries around the world, including the United States of America, Canada, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

In the event that you are interested in purchasing any of these items, you will be required to complete an online interest form that can be found on the Oxford Gold Group website. You can expect someone from the company to get in touch with you directly to talk about the various details and the total amount of the transaction.

What services or products does Oxford Gold Group provide that its rivals do not?

There are a lot of other companies that invest in precious metals, but the thing that truly separates Oxford Gold Group from the competition is their excellent customer service. The partners in the group make it simple to conduct business in precious metals, which is something that would otherwise be far too difficult and inaccessible for the typical person.

In addition to this, they assist clients in developing investment strategies and plans that are based on an acceptable level of risk. The partners who own the group left their previous precious metals firms in order to provide customers with a higher level of business knowledge as well as superior customer service at a lower price. Since then, this has been their one-of-a-kind selling proposition (USP).

What are the costs associated with working with Oxford Gold Group?

The only fee that is specified by the Oxford Gold Group is an annual fee that ranges from $175 for accounts with investments of less than $100,000 to a maximum of $225 for accounts with a balance of more than $100,000. The company asserts that there are no other additional fees that are incurred. If you want to purchase any products containing precious metals, you will be required to pay the ongoing rate.

Owners of larger accounts are eligible for rebates that can reduce their monthly fees. The amount of these rebates varies according to the size of the account. The benefit of the offered rebate can be utilised by larger accounts for a number of years. The rebate programme allows the typical IRA customer to avoid paying any storage and maintenance fees on the account for the first three years. This is according to the reviews provided by previous customers.

The relationship that Oxford Gold Group maintains with Equity Institutional and STRATA, two of the most reputable IRA custodians, enables the company to offer its clientele a flat fee structure. This makes it possible for the company to provide customers with consistent costs and services.

Precious Metals Investing

There is no question that precious metals are among the most valuable of all commodities. For this reason, self-directed retirement accounts such as gold-backed IRAs tend to hold more value, as gold bullion and other precious metals approved by the IRS tend to appreciate over time.

When you use the services of an Oxford Gold dealer to assist you with your investments, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your individual retirement account (IRA) contains the appropriate metals and that it is properly stored in accordance with the storage guidelines and with appointees who have been approved.

The vast majority of investments involve ownership in a company’s stock. When you have stock in a gold IRA, you actually have ownership of the precious metals themselves in this scenario.

Those who are concerned about the depreciation of the dollar or an imminent crash in the stock market have an attractive option available to them in the form of investments in gold and other precious metals.

In addition, having physical possession of precious metals eliminates the need to rely on electronic records, which are susceptible to being hacked, lost, or inaccurate for a variety of reasons.

Investing in metals is also preferable to investing in diamonds and other precious stones because monopolies in the diamond and precious stone industries make it difficult to enter those markets. In the case of diamonds, the monopoly is held by DeBeers. Because of this, purchasing and selling precious metals is made much simpler.

When you file your taxes, you will need to report any gains or losses from your gold IRA, just like you would with any other IRA. These transactions will typically be reported on form 1099-B.

When storing precious metals, storage facilities are frequently required to organize the customer’s collection in a manner that facilitates easy access in the event that the metals are resold at a later date.

A transaction involving more than $10,000 worth of assets that occurs all at once or within 24 hours must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Form 8300. This is important to keep in mind for tax purposes. Representatives from the Oxford Gold Group are able to assist with this process.

Do you feel comfortable entrusting Oxford Gold Group?

Oxford Gold Group is a precious metals individual retirement account (IRA) provider that was established in 2017. It has its headquarters in Beverly Hills, in the state of California.

They provide services that are broadly associated with their precious metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and precious metals investing. A retirement savings account (IRA) requires a minimum contribution of $25,000.

They are a dealer in precious metals and provide a variety of purchasing options. You have the option of purchasing coins, bars, and bullion made of gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. You are able to use the metals to either fund your IRA or have them delivered to your home.

It is well known that Oxford provides excellent support to customers. You can also find a Learning Center that will assist you in making well-informed choices regarding your retirement and investments in precious metals.

After conducting research on the company based on a variety of criteria—including its rating on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau, as well as its customer service, educational resources, and collection of precious metal products—we determined Oxford Gold Group’s rating (coins and bars). We were unable to find anything that was significantly detrimental to the company through our research.

The organization keeps their word and does not engage in the bait-and-switch tactic of promising unrealistic outcomes while failing to deliver on those promises. They make it simple and straightforward for first-time investors to get started with precious metals at their own pace and in their own time. There are no minimum order requirements and the prices are all reasonable for all of the products. The company places a strong emphasis on gaining the trust and confidence of its customers and prospects.

A Guide to Establishing an Individual Retirement Account for Precious Metals

The application process should be able to be finished in fewer than fifteen minutes if Oxford Gold Group is successful in its mission to streamline both the rollover and new account processes as much as possible.

An Oxford Gold Group partner can help you complete the application for a new self-directed IRA or a rollover IRA over the phone. Both of these IRAs are individual retirement accounts.

After the application has been finished, the only things that are required are a signature and a form of identification to be submitted.

After this step has been completed, a new IRA account can be opened within the next 24 hours after the necessary paperwork and funds have been received.

If it is a precious metal rollover IRA, Oxford Gold Group will get in touch with the custodian of your current IRA to arrange the transfer of funds into the new account that you have opened. It can take anywhere from three to ten days for custodians to finish the transfer, but the average time is three days.

After the funds have been transferred, a partner from Oxford will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the various investment options available for the initial precious metal purchases made with the IRA.

Why Should You Invest in Gold with Your IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) offer protection not only for your own retirement but also for the financial stability of your family.

With one of these specialized accounts, you won’t need to worry about paying taxes on the money you put away for the future.

Because of the nature of these long-term accounts, it is essential to invest a sizeable portion of your savings in assets that are stable and dependable in order to ensure a comfortable retirement.

You can put cash in an individual retirement account (IRA), but the value of that cash is falling at an alarming rate because inflation is out of control.

You require an asset that is reliable, keeps its value over time, and even increases in value over time, and there is no asset that is better suited for this purpose than gold.

Uncertainty is at an all-time high due to the fact that the global economy is struggling due to lockdowns, shortages, wars, and inflation. As a result, investors are protecting themselves by placing physical gold in their individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

A gold IRA investment does well even in times of economic turmoil, which are bad for the majority of other asset classes.

Risk is being aware of the potential financial threats but taking no action to protect oneself and one’s family from them.

Safety entails being aware of the potential threats to the economy and taking measures to safeguard one’s financial future; a gold IRA makes it simple to accomplish this goal.


The customer satisfaction rating for the Oxford Gold group on Trust Pilot is 4.9 out of 5, with approximately 95% of customers stating that the service is excellent and approximately 5% stating that it is great. This is not to say that the company does not have any problems; however, it is unrealistic to expect a completely problem-free operation from any company.

The company has a five-star rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is the organization that is in charge of logging official complaints; however, the most common complaint that is voiced by customers has to do with the limited hours that are available for customer service and not necessarily the company’s operations or delivery.

As of the time that this article was being written, there was only one customer who had lodged a complaint, citing a problem with getting their money refunded.

Real Reviews

My shopping experience was satisfying and quick all at the same time. Throughout the entire process, Mike Malek acted in a manner that was polite, informative, and professional, and he fulfilled all of his obligations. The Oxford Gold Group is a company that I will continue to recommend to others, and I have future plans to expand my business dealings with them.

  • Anne D. gave this service a rating of four out of five stars on TrustPilot

“An excellent business with which to do business. They did an excellent job of communicating with us and keeping us informed about the status of our order.

  • Glenn V received a perfect score of five stars from the BBB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I keep my valuable metals and stones?

Customers of Oxford have the option of storing their precious metals either for free through OGG’s partnership with Delaware Depository or at their own homes or in some other location of their choosing.

However, due to the potential safety concerns that this raises, it is not advised that the metals be kept in private storage at home. Keep in mind that the majority of insurance policies sold to homeowners do not include coverage for the loss of valuable metals in the event of a burglary.

Metals can be stored in safe-deposit boxes in banks; however, using a bank’s safe-deposit box will typically cost you money, whereas using Oxford’s Delaware Depository is completely free.

It is also important to note that if your precious metals are held in an individual retirement account (IRA), the Internal Revenue Service does not allow you to store them in a safe deposit box at a bank or at home.

How much of a gamble do gold IRAs really represent?

Investing in precious metals, despite the fact that it may be a more stable option than other investments, still carries risks due to the fact that any investment comes with a certain amount of risk.

It is impossible to issue any kind of guarantee or assurance regarding the investments because the price of precious metals, like the price of any other asset, rises and falls in response to external factors. In the years 2010 and 2011, the price of gold experienced a significant increase, which was then followed by a decline from which it took the precious metal several years to recover.

Precious metals, when viewed over a number of years, have been steadily increasing in value, which makes them more of a responsible investment than perhaps investing in a speculative startup company. The majority of investment strategists encourage investors to take a long-term approach to investment, and precious metals have risen in value steadily over the past several years.

What kinds of self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRAs) does the Oxford Gold Group offer?

When it comes to rolling over into a gold IRA, the customer can choose from a variety of accounts, such as 401(k) plans, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, traditional IRAs, and SEP IRAs, among other possibilities.

It is highly recommended that the individual do his research into the differences in these accounts first before making a decision; however, an Oxford Gold Group representative can assist customers in making the correct choice for their personal needs.

Should I look into getting an IRA custodian?

Oxford Gold Group collaborates with organizations like STRATA and Equity Institutional for Precious Metals IRA, which are in charge of regulating the custodian services for IRAs. If you have an individual retirement account (IRA), the Internal Revenue Service keeps a list of reputable custodians who are authorized to handle IRAs.

If, on the other hand, you believe that you do not have the time to pay attention to your IRA and you would like to employ another entity to do so, you must first ensure that the entity in question is recognized by the IRS as being eligible to act as an IRA custodian.

Any person who does not have the time, educational capacity, or legal status necessary to manage their own financial affairs on their own should consider hiring a custodian. A bank account that is held in the name of a minor child is one example of this.

What Kinds Of Existing Retirement Accounts Are Oxford Gold Group Able To Convert Into Self-Directed IRAs?

The following are the various kinds of retirement accounts that are eligible to be rolled over into precious metal IRAs:

401(k), Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, SEP IRA, and SIMPLE IRA are all types of individual retirement accounts.

Will Oxford Gold Group Locate A Custodian For My Individual Retirement Account?

For their precious metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA) custodian services, Oxford Gold Group has formed partnerships with Equity Institutional and STRATA. These two financial establishments are recognised as legitimate IRA custodians. You have the option of collaborating with other custodians who do not have a current relationship with Oxford; however, doing so may make your purchases more difficult and put you outside the scope of the flat fee service.

Am I Able to Store My Oxford Precious Metals At Home, Such as Gold?

Your home is a suitable location for the storage of bars and coins made of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. However, you should keep in mind that storing precious metals in your own home is not a good idea from a safety standpoint. If this is the case, you ought to, among other things, have a dog or dogs, guns in the house, a home security system, and a large safe. You are unable to store precious metals that are held within an IRA at your home or in a personal safety security box because this is against the regulations of the IRS.

I have an existing precious metals IRA account; am I able to make contributions to it?

After the account has been activated, you will still be able to make deposits into it. You have the option of working out the deposit details on your own or having an Oxford Gold Group partner assist you with the process.

Is The Oxford Gold Group Willing To Guarantee The Rate Of Return On Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts?

Gold, like any other investment, is subject to the forces of the market. Having said all of this, gold is a commodity that is more reliable than others. The Oxford Gold Group does not provide any sort of guarantee regarding the value of gold at some point in the future.

How frequently does the price of gold fluctuate?

The price of gold shifts for a number of reasons, including supply and demand, as well as the perspectives and actions of buyers. However, in contrast to paper currency, the supply of gold does not change significantly over time; as a result, the value of gold maintains a reasonable degree of consistency.

Pros & Cons


  • Because this is the company’s area of expertise, they can facilitate the purchase of precious metals in a way that is less intimidating to first-time customers.
  • The owners have a combined total of several decades’ worth of experience in the industry.
  • The organization provides customers with the option of safe, direct delivery of shipments of physical products.
  • The buyer is guaranteed to get exactly what he requires when they receive personalized service from a representative of the company.
  • There are two distinct ways that funds can be invested.
  • Transparent pricing
  • Several options available for the product of precious metals
  • The possibility of owning investments in precious metals that are exempt from taxation
  • Access to valuable resources and personnel with years of experience


  • Despite the fact that the company provides gold IRA accounts, there are currently only two employees who are able to handle transactions of this nature.
  • On weekdays, customer service is only available during limited hours at specific times.


When Oxford Gold Group was established, it was done so with the understanding that its owners would use the experience they had gained while working for other metal firms to provide their own brand of knowledge and customer service at a price that was lower than what was offered by the competition.

The Group reached out to form partnerships with storage companies and custodians in order to give their customers secure and simple options for purchasing and storing their metals. This enabled Oxford Gold Group to offer precious metal IRAs to customers with lower setup fees and fewer complications than their competitors.

The representatives at Oxford Gold Group are prepared to answer any questions you may have and will walk you through the process of investing in precious metals as a form of retirement plan. If this is something that interests you, please contact them so that they can assist you. You can get a personalized estimate by contacting them at 888-200-5586 or consulting their website.

Although Oxford Gold Group is a respectable company, we believe that there are significantly superior alternatives available to investors who are interested in purchasing gold or establishing a tax-advantaged precious metals IRA. These alternatives are extensively covered on this website.


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