Precious Metal Shipping: How To Ship Precious Metals Safely?

Many people invest in gold and silver coins or other bullion to ensure their financial future, while others collect precious metals as a hobby. Investing in this sort of commodity, for whatever purpose, necessitates meeting certain conditions. Uncut stones like diamonds and rubies and valuable metals like gold and silver must be kept safe throughout shipment. Buying and selling precious metals, including gold, is a global industry that necessitates the safe shipping of these valuable metals throughout the globe. Whether you keep your gold at home, in a bank safe deposit box, or in a third-party storage facility, you’ll need to find a means to transport it safely when you need to move or sell it. It might not be easy to ship valuable metals. You may be concerned about your metals being stolen or lost in transportation. But with these safety tips, it is very convenient to ship these precious metals safely. Here are some ways that can be easily used to ship precious metals safely.

Ways to Ship Precious Metals Safely

Following are the ways to ship Precious Metals safely:

1. Do Proper Packaging of the Precious Metals.

Packaging your metals properly decreases being lost due to improper packaging. Begin by purchasing a sturdy box and robust enough to withstand the weight of your cargo. Corrugated cardboard is a good choice since it is lightweight and will cushion your shipment. Use packaging materials like newspaper or bubble wrap to fill any cracks.

Tape coins together or places them in a padded envelope to prevent them from shifting within the package during delivery. Include a packing sheet with the contents of your package. Include all of your contact information and the recipient’s information, such as your complete name, your address, your city and state, phone number, email address, and a copy of your driver’s license or state ID number, with your package so if lost it can be returned easily.

Place your packed box inside a second outer box with a diameter of one inch bigger. Use packaging tape to fasten your exterior box. Address the label directly without mentioning anything about the contents of the box. In other words, if a company’s name contains the terms “precious metals” or “gold,” remove them. It will catch the attention of anyone with bad intentions, and your precious metals can easily get stole. If you wish to reduce the chance of your precious metals being jostled around excessively, write “Fragile” or “Handle with Care” on the box. Before shipping, weigh your cargo to get a reference point. Fill the space between the two cartons with packing materials and tape the second outer carton to safeguard your valuable metals further.

Make sure your package label is accurately addressed to arrive at its destination securely.

3. Purchase Insurance to Ship Precious Metals Safely

When shipping precious metals, ensure your cargo with your carrier to protect yourself if it is lost or stolen. When shipping the valuables, always insure them for their full worth. If something were to happen, you would at the very least be able to be paid monetarily. Jewelry shipment insurance may be acquired through your postal carrier but be sure they can cover the entire value of your cargo. Keep an inventory of the contents and a photo of them if you need to file an insurance claim. When you hand over the shipping documents to the shipper, ask them to trace the box electronically and request a signature when it arrives at its destination. This will allow you to trace the shipment’s progress via the Internet and make sure you use a shipper that allows online tracking.

Some people opt to send their valuable metals and stones, and other personal items through the mail. If you prefer to transport your precious metals together with other personal things using the ordinary service, be advised that insurance may not be available, and it is thus your obligation to ensure that your items are properly packed.

4. Always Use a Trusted Carrier:

Choose a carrier with expertise and skills in shipping precious metals when choosing a carrier for your precious metals. Take your time to get a reputable carrier. The USPS, UPS, and FedEx are among the most well-known shippers. If you prefer another shipper, be sure they’re well-known and reliable. It’s an excellent idea to ship the following day option because it reduces the time between shipment and delivery. It’s advised not to ship on Friday since the box will be left on a shipper’s shelf, vulnerable to theft, unless you pay extra for Saturday delivery to prevent this problem. It is critical to send and ensure your cargo using trusted providers. Choose a company with expertise in transporting precious metals and is well-established in the precious metal shipping industry.

The ability to monitor parcels on the websites of FedEx, UPS, the Post Office, and other carriers is, in our opinion, a lifesaver. When someone delivers a package and utilizes these tracking features in ways like these, we are satisfied. For precious metal shipping, the cargo should be tracked, and the services that provide are:

 They keep track of their packages and notify us when they arrive.

They provide us with the package number to track its progress as well.

We can keep an eye on estimated delivery times and ensure that we are present to collect the shipment.

This may be inconvenient for some, but it may provide you and the additional receiver piece of mind. Make sure the receiver also signs the package once received. Also, obtain an expected delivery date to know when to expect your shipment to arrive.


Shipping precious metals can be a hassle, but it can be done easily with correct knowledge and understanding. You should proceed with caution and adequate planning when exporting precious metals; following these guidelines can make the procedure safer. Many of the hazards connected with moving precious metals may be reduced by utilizing adequate packing, ensuring your valuables, and using a reputable carrier. Shipping precious metals over the mail do not have to be difficult if you follow a few simple rules. You must ensure that your supplies are shipped properly to avoid theft and lost or damaged deliveries.


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