Fisher Precious Metals Reviews

If you are interested in a great place to purchase a ring, earring, or necklace, Fisher Precious Metals is a good choice. They provide free appraisals and competitive prices. Despite their name, you can’t really tell from the company’s website what to expect. In this article, we will go over what you can expect from them. You’ll learn about their extensive product selection, free appraisals, and more.

Fisher Precious Metals offers a diverse selection of products

While other companies specialize in rare coins and numismatics, Fisher Precious Metals focuses on bullion products. The company’s philosophy is that investors should focus on bullion coins and bars, not collectibles. However, this doesn’t mean that customers are limited to bullion coins and bars. Customers can purchase rare coins, bars, and bullion from a variety of sources, including the company’s own mint.

The company carries gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals. They also sell collectibles, such as silver Britannia, IRA-approved items, and collector’s items. Additionally, their website has a selection of collectibles for investors and reviews from consumer reporting agencies. The company also buys back items at market value. Customers can also invest in the company’s gold and silver bullion products, ranging from a few pennies to a whole ounce of gold.

The company prides itself on treating clients like family and has never been accused of fear-based sales tactics. The company is also not run by commissioned sales representatives and is open to all questions from potential clients. Fisher Precious Metals is a family business, and both John and Lynn Fisher are hands-on and accessible to answer questions. This allows clients to feel comfortable in the company’s environment.

They offer free appraisals

When you have precious metals in need of appraisal, you should consider contacting Fisher Precious Metals. The company buys all types of precious metal, including jewelry, diamonds, flatware, and industrial metals. Customers can choose to receive a buyback price or sell their items for a more competitive price in the market. Once they’ve made their selection, the company will contact them for a free appraisal and provide you with a tracking number.

The company offers free appraisals of precious metals, which are usually done by certified appraisers. Unlike other dealers that may offer free appraisals, Fisher Precious Metals pays top market prices for pre-owned gold, silver, and diamonds. The company handles appraisals confidentially and offers IRS-approved valuations. Its staff consists of professionals who have been certified as numismatic coin appraisers, and they are happy to provide unbiased appraisals for free.

In addition to offering free appraisals, Fisher Precious Metals also offers IRA and numismatic coin services. Their certified appraisers work with reputable mints and can offer unbiased advice for any precious metals purchase. You can also schedule a personal appointment for an evaluation to ensure your purchase is worth its current market value. You can trust the company’s reputation to provide honest and professional service.

They are a family-owned business

For those looking for a trustworthy place to sell their gold or silver, Fisher Precious Metals is a good choice. Not only do they offer low premium bullion, but they also accept broken jewelry, watches, and flatware. And because they are a family-owned business, you can be sure that you’re dealing with a real person and not a middleman. Besides, the company has a no-investment-minimum policy, which makes it a convenient choice for those with limited budgets.

The company has been around for a decade now and has no complaints with the BBB or Ripoff Report. They also have a good reputation with their customers and have won awards for best bullion dealer. Despite these benefits, you should still check with several other precious metals dealers before making your decision. Although many people prefer to deal with a family-owned business, Fisher Precious Metals has a reputation for providing excellent service.

If you’re looking to sell gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, you can get a free appraisal at Fisher Precious Metals. The company also buys and sells pre-owned gold, silver, and diamonds. The company has an IRS-approved appraisal service and offers a free consultation. In addition to buying and selling precious metals, Fisher Precious Metals also sells numismatic coins. However, it’s important to remember that many of these collectible coins are actually meant for collectors and are not necessarily for everyday use.

In addition to selling physical metals, Fisher Precious Metals also sells gold and silver jewelry and offers a buyback guarantee on all of their products. For those who are interested in setting up an IRA account, this company works with all US custodians. However, it recommends New Direction IRA for your IRA account. If you have an IRA, Fisher Precious Metals is a good choice.

They offer competitive prices

You can get the best prices for your gold and silver by comparing the prices of various dealers. If you have any kind of gold, silver or platinum coin, you should check out Fisher Precious Metals. They accept all kinds of metals, and they test them for authenticity. They also purchase flatware, industrial metals, and diamonds. You can receive an honest buyback price, and they provide you with a tracking number so you can easily track your package.

Choosing the right precious metal dealer can be challenging, but with the right resources and expertise, you can be confident in the results and peace of mind you get. As a small business, Fisher Precious Metals provides personalized attention to each client. The owner, John Fisher, personally interacts with each customer throughout the transaction. If you’re interested in buying gold or silver, consider Fisher Precious Metals. They’ll offer you competitive prices and peace of mind while dealing with this industry.

In addition to offering competitive prices, Fisher Precious Metals also provides a variety of world bullion products. Their products undergo non-destructive tests and are verified by the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier. Moreover, their website has e-commerce attributes that facilitate your purchase. Lastly, they’ll be happy to help you buy your gold or silver coins online.


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