Types of Bullion and Their Uses

There are several types of Bullion to choose from. There are COMEX bars and rounds, as well as Minted Bullion. To learn more, read on. These types of Bullion differ from one another in several ways. You can also buy them from the same source as coins. But which is best for your needs? Below, we will discuss each type and how they work. Hopefully, this information will be useful to you when you’re making your next bullion purchase.

Minted Bullion

Australian minted bullion sales in March firmed and ranked third highest on record for gold and silver products. Australian Mint reported that prices for silver and gold in March rose 1.7% and 1.9%, respectively, compared to other precious metals. These gains were more substantial than in previous months and are evidence of an improving investment climate. However, it is still important to purchase Bullion only from a trusted dealer who can guarantee its quality.

There are two types of minted Bullion: minted bars and minted coins. The first type is made using a compression machine to create bars with a uniform shape. The second type is made using a continuous casting machine, which produces a long metal strip and cuts it into precise lengths. Minted bars have a uniform shape but are harder to counterfeit because they are more uniform in size.

ABC Bullion’s signature minted bullion collection includes 1oz ABC Eureka Minted Tablet Gold. This gold coin captures the spirit of the Eureka Rebellion, also known as the Eureka Stockade, which was pivotal to the birth of Australia’s democracy. This gold coin is surrounded by iconic Australian scenery and features a Kookaburra and Digger and rolling bushlands.

The most popular types of minted Bullion include coins and bars struck by private mints. Private mints produce products as pure as those of sovereign mints but are cheaper and available in a wider variety of designs. Golden State Mint and SilverTowne Mint are just a few examples of popular private mints. Both mints produce a range of investment-grade precious metal products. But which one is the best option for you?

COMEX deliverables

COMEX deliverables are precious metal bars produced by refiners approved by the exchange. They must meet strict COMEX standards for purity, weight, and size. A COMEX Acceptable bar is the precious metal equivalent of a COMEX futures contract. These bars are used to meet the demands of futures contracts on the Commodity Exchange. Hence, they are commonly referred to as COMEX Deliverables.

To take physical delivery of the metal, traders can notify the clearinghouse or COMEX of their intention. The next step is to establish a long position in the COMEX delivery. After establishing a long position, traders must wait until the seller’s tenders delivery notice. After that, they must arrange for the physical delivery of the metal. Alternatively, traders can buy COMEX deliverables through a physical broker or direct delivery.

COMEX bars

Unlike regular retail gold coins, COMEX bars are not available for the ordinary Joe to buy. COMEX requires special delivery arrangements, and special tests are conducted on them. Although retail dealers can run regular checks on their inventory, delivery of COMEX bars requires a specialized armored vehicle. However, FedEx and USPS can accept them for regular shipping. Here are some tips for buying COMEX gold coins.

One of the main advantages of COMEX bars is their ability to store large amounts of silver. A COMEX bar weighing over 1,000 troy ounces weighs about 70 pounds and differs on the front and back. They vary in price, as they are not as polished as smaller bars. If you’re looking for a safe and reliable way to invest in silver, COMEX bars are great.

When buying COMEX gold coins, make sure they’re certified by an independent assayer. The assayer must have passed a rigorous process that demonstrates the purity of the gold, silver, or platinum bars. Then, you can trust the COMEX brand. With their reputation, they’re a safe bet. And COMEX bars can be used in many financial applications. So, invest in COMEX gold coins today!

COMEX rounds

There are two types of COMEX rounds: government-backed and non-government. Government-backed rounds are the ones that have monetary value backed by the government, while non-government rounds do not. These rounds are used as investment products that have limited monetary value. Collectors can purchase rounds from any of these types, though older rounds are especially valuable and often sought after by investors. COMEX rounds can be purchased for a premium or sold for a low price.

Platinum bullion

There are many ways to acquire platinum bullion coins. The most common forms are coins. These include the Australian Platinum Koala, Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, Chinese Panda, and Austrian Philharmonic. Some people choose bullion coins as gifts for loved ones, while others buy them as investment-grade metal. Regardless of the form, buying platinum coins will allow you to diversify your investments and receive valuable gifts from friends and family. Listed below are some popular types of bullion coins.

The value of platinum bullion varies widely based on its use and supply. The automotive industry is one of the primary uses for platinum, and this factor will likely make it a popular investment for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, you may want to look elsewhere for your investment. Platinum bullion coins may be a good choice if you have a lot of money to invest. This type of precious metal is a relatively easy way to add a rare precious metal to your portfolio.

Investors can buy and sell platinum on the commodity market. It is traded both in physical markets and over-the-counter. Its trading volume is lower than gold’s, but the price tends to move in the same direction. As platinum is more valuable than gold, it has more potential for cartel-like action. For this reason, buyers and sellers should be aware of the risks involved in buying and selling platinum bullion.

Platinum bullion bars must be at least 99.95 percent pure. The purity of platinum bullion bars is also very important when purchasing these items. Reputable refiners and manufacturers produce most bullion bars. The dealers will charge you an assay fee to ensure their platinum bullion is genuine. As such, buyers should always check the purity and authenticity of platinum bullion products before purchasing them.


Therefore, it is concluded that Bullion is a tangible asset that you can hold in your hand, something of real value. When you hold gold Bullion, you are holding something that has actual monetary value. It is not like paper money or even coins, which may lose some of their value due to inflation. The value of gold bullion is based on its weight, so there is no worry about its cost going up overnight as it is uncertain with coins. If you’re looking to buy Bullion, it’s important to know the differences between the different types of Bullion. Once you know a little more about them, you can decide which is best for you. Hopefully, this information will be useful for you.


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