Regal Assets Review – Is It The Best Gold IRA Company of 2022?

A Regal Assets review should tell you more about this gold IRA company. The company is known for offering a free storage year for the first year of purchase and has low minimum purchase requirements. There are also some advantages to working with them. Read on to discover how to choose the best gold IRA company for you. This article is not intended to replace the advice of your financial advisor, but to provide you with a clearer understanding of the process and its advantages and disadvantages.

Regal Assets is a Gold IRA Company

A good place to invest your retirement savings is in gold or silver. However, before investing in gold, you should know what to expect from such an investment. While stocks and treasury are risky, precious metals can fetch a decent price during buyback programs. With these benefits, Regal Assets is a gold IRA company to consider. The company was founded in 2010 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

This gold IRA company also offers a unique service that allows clients to choose the location of their gold vault. They also store your assets at secure, private, and video-recorded facilities. This makes them the first company to offer such services. There are several reasons why you should consider this company. In addition to the benefits, it has a friendly staff that is knowledgeable and will never push you to buy something you do not need. Its commissions and fee schedule are transparent.

It Offers Free Storage For The First Year

To begin investing in precious metals and other commodities, you can create an IRA with Regal Assets. The company uses a secure depository for your gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals, so your coins and precious metals are kept safe and secure. This storage is video-recorded and private, which is a major plus. You can also choose the option of holding your coins and gold in an IRA, which means you have more flexibility.

When you purchase your precious metals through Regal Assets, you are able to lock the price and delivery date. Generally, they will deliver your order within seven business days to Brinks’ depository. You can also check your order status online and receive alerts when it arrives. They have a great reputation for customer service and have customer service representatives available 7 am – 6 pm PST on weekdays. In addition to free storage, they sell IRA-approved precious metals at competitive prices.

One of the most beneficial aspects of Regal Assets is its reputation. A highly reputable company, Regal Assets has been in business for over a decade, making them one of the largest and most experienced precious metal investment companies. Their free storage for precious metals in IRAs is a great way to get started. And, while this service might not be perfect for every investor, it does offer free storage for the first year of an IRA.

It Has A Low Minimum Purchase Amount

If you’re looking to invest in gold, you might have been wondering if there is a reputable company offering such services. Luckily, there is, and that company is Regal Assets. They have been in business for 10 years, and their reputation for customer satisfaction is unmatched. They offer first-class storage and have low minimum purchase amounts for gold IRAs, as well as platinum, palladium, and silver IRAs. While the gold IRA industry has become more complex over the years, the company has worked hard to streamline and simplify the process, and they even offer financial advice.

A Regal Asset is a good option for beginners who want to invest in gold IRAs. Their low minimum purchase amount is $5,500, or even $10,000, making them a viable choice for a first-time investor. And their customer service reps are very friendly. They can assist you in building your gold IRA and even liquidate your old gold if you decide to sell them.

It Offers Free Consultation

If you’re interested in investing in gold, silver, or other precious metals, you can schedule a free consultation with Regal Assets to learn more about the process. The consultation lasts about an hour and is free of pressure and aggressive sales tactics. The company’s free consultations are facilitated by a dedicated team of advisors who are happy to help you make an informed decision. If you have specific questions about investing in gold, silver, or other precious metals, you can ask the consultant directly.

Customers have positive experiences with Regal Assets. The representatives are friendly and knowledgeable and do not pushy sales tactics. Their free consultations are generally not long enough to push you into making a decision, but they do provide updates about the process and keep you informed of any changes. You’ll also be able to ask questions, such as about account setup and shipping. It’s important to note that Regal Assets is not rated by the Better Business Bureau, so you’ll need to make your own decision regarding their services.

The company also offers a FREE Investors Kit for 2019 that includes two DVDs about the future of precious metals and cryptocurrency, as well as a copy of Forbes Magazine. The gold and silver DVDs are particularly informative, as they explain the inner workings of the US monetary system and the Federal Reserve. You’ll also learn about the events that led up to the 2008 financial crisis. It’s a great way to diversify your portfolio and reduce risk.

It Has a Stellar Track Record

If you’re looking for a gold IRA company that offers great customer service and a solid track record, you’ve probably heard of Regal Assets. Listed on Trustlink, they have received over a thousand positive reviews. Many of these customers are happy with the company’s level of service, and mention how the associates are knowledgeable and patient. These factors contribute to Regal Assets’ stellar reputation as a gold IRA company.

In addition to excellent customer service, Regal Assets has an A+ rating with the Major Business Bureau. The Bureau uses a strict 13-point scale for rating companies based on the feedback they get from customers. In addition to having an A+ rating, they also offer overseas storage for retirement accounts. Moreover, they have a seven-day shipping guarantee for direct purchases. Lastly, their stellar track record as a gold IRA company can be attested to by their celebrity endorsements.


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