Red Rock Secured Reviews and Analysis For 2022

Red Rock Secured is a Southern California-based private firm. The company aims to safeguard its clients’ retirements by providing education, safe goods, and exceptional customer service. The foundation of the organization is values and ethics. For almost a decade, Red Rock Secured has assisted clients in diversifying their investments. Red Rock Secured was created after the 2008 recession to rethink secure retirement choices for its family, friends, and clients.

Red Rock Secured is a gold IRA provider that prioritizes the safety of its clients’ money. Representatives from the firm assist customers in acquiring precious metals such as gold and silver for their retirement portfolios. Red Rock Secured provides a variety of gold bar and coin investments and storage alternatives.

Red Rock Secured, a gold IRA provider, focuses on safeguarding its clients’ savings. Representatives from the company assist customers in obtaining precious metals such as silver and gold for their retirement portfolios.

Red Rock Secured provides a variety of storage and investment solutions for gold coins and bars. Red Rock Secured is a privately held firm situated in Southern California founded in 2009.

They assist clients in safely diversifying their retirement investments and goals. When market trends are volatile, Red Rock’s Gold IRAs serve to stabilize its clients’ portfolios. This precious metal dealer is a member of the National Ethics Association.

Red Rock Secured is a privately held corporation based in the state of California’s southern region. They state that their most important aims are to sell the greatest and safest items to their clients while also providing relevant knowledge and excellent customer service. They also claim to emphasize honesty and integrity above everything else.

Objectives of Red rock:

Red Rock Secured focuses on each individual’s unique growth and income objectives. The firm offers the most up-to-date investing alternatives based on value-oriented techniques.

Red Rock offers debt vehicles, private placements, real estate investments, actual silver and gold, and pre-IPO marketplace access, among other investment possibilities.

The company’s objective is to preserve their retirements by educating them, delivering excellent customer service, and providing secure and quality solutions. Integrity and values are the foundations of the firm.

Red Rock Secured assists investors in learning about the best methods to secure their retirement by carefully diversifying in gold and precious metals.


A smart combination. Having a well-diversified portfolio of assets is the first step in protecting your retirement.


The firm follows a zero-tolerance approach. Investing is inherently high-reward and high-risk.

Red Rock Secured’s business is to safeguard its clients’ retirement funds and investments. When you invest with Red Rock Secured, the organization guarantees that your portfolio will never fall to zero.

Client Service

Red Rock Secured makes human capital investments. The firm is concerned about the safety of its investment. They offer high levels of communication based on trust and behave with honesty.

The firm follows a zero-tolerance approach. Investing is inherently high-reward and high-risk.

The success of its customers determines the success of the firm.

Well-informed clients are the best customers. The organization provides extensive historical data, knowledge, and financial education to support its clients’ diversification objectives.

Secured Products Offered by Red Rock

Red Rock Secured is a gold IRA provider that specializes in supplying customers with IRA-eligible precious metals that may be stored in this type of retirement account.

However, the company’s product line is quite restricted, albeit it includes palladium, platinum, silver, and gold items. There are no product prices listed on the company’s website.

The American Platinum Eagle, American Palladium Eagle, American Silver Eagle, and American Gold Eagle are among the coin kinds supplied by Red Rock Secured. The business also sells “junk” silver.

These are 90% silver coins from the United States. They can be used as an alternative to fractional silver.

Pros of Red Rock Secured

  • They’ve been in business for a long time.
  • On the surface, they appear to be a reputable company.

Red Rock Secured Cons

There are no cons of the Red Rock Secured company.

Red Rock Secured Reviews

Negative reviews are buried, and fraudulent reviews are posted on third-party websites.

According to a former employee, the firm engaged in recurrent and purposeful malicious and illegal deception.

Red Rock Secured Reviews and Complaints on the Websites

On reputable review sites, we discovered no complaints regarding Red Rock Secured. The firm has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Red Rock Secured has a flawless 5-star rating from customers on the BBB website

On Trustpilot, Red Rock has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The firm is rated 5 out of 5 stars by both ConsumerAffairs readers and the Business Consumer Alliance.

Is Red Rock Secured a Scam?

When first looking at their business, they have nothing to conceal. The Better Business Bureau has given them an A+ rating, the highest possible. They also have good ratings on Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau website.

They have a 1.4 out of 5-star rating based on Trustlink ratings and average rating. On the site, there are also 49 reviews. An employee just left a review alleging that the organization is engaging in significant misbehavior.

A handful of good reviews dropped from five stars to one star overnight. And suddenly, there’s a big headline that says, “THIS IS A FAKE REVIEW.”


It’s conceivable that Red Rock Secured isn’t a fraud firm in a legal sense. They may not have engaged in any deceptive or hateful behavior. However, they are dismissing these red rocks served reviews and charges is reason enough to avoid this firm.

The worst part about the allegations is that they’re spreading a lot of bogus reviews online, which Trust link has discovered. They have many other positive ratings on other third-party websites, but the Trustlink review exposes these other reviews as suspect at best.


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