JM Bullion Review

Company Overview

The Company JM Bullion was established in the year 2011 by aiming to provide top-notch services and products to its customers. The company is famous for its best online buying and selling services in the USA regarding precious metals purchasing and selling. JM Bullion headquarters are located in Texas, Dallas, with a warehouse located in Las Vegas. The overall transactions for buying and selling precious metals, including gold, platinum, and silver, are done on the website being an online retail company. JM Bullion Review demonstrates that the company lacks a wide range of product varieties compared to other market competitors. One could have a conversation with a company advisor whenever required. JM Bullion facilitates customers to buy and sell silver, gold, and their products in different forms. The process is fast and simple, with ample customer service. JM Bullion is accredited by BBB and is one of the fastest-growing businesses. 

Pros and Cons of JM Bullion

A thorough JM Bullion Review indicates that there are several advantages and disadvantages of using JM Bullion which are as follows:


  • The overall prices offered by JM Bullion are the latest and up-to-date
  • There are no service charges and commissions
  • Military discount is available
  • A buyback DIY Tool is also available 


  • There are no options available for storage
  • The company’s mint products are not listed
  • Purchase options are less
  • Poor customer service on weekends
  • The company has a shipment facility for only US customers.

JM Bullion Review of Services

Having a bird’s eye view of the JM Bullion review in terms of the website demonstrates that many customers opt to purchase cheap priced but quality-oriented precious metals. The overall layout of the website is also good. It is attractive and simple. The company offers the following products and services:

Gold and Other Precious Metals Purchasing

JM Bullion’s review indicates that the company offers its customers an option to analyze all prices with charts and live updates on the website. Following are the assets that an investor could get from the JM Bullion website:

Some of the assets you buy at JM Bullion include:

Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion

The word bullion refers to different precious metals, their bars starting from 10 ounces of metal to bars of kilograms. Similarly, mint bars are also available. Purchasing copper and palladium in bulk is also possible on the company website. JM Bullion offers highly competitive market rates for its products. 

Gold Coins

People could get the facility to purchase gold coins from different countries, including Canada, America, Mexico, China, Britain, Australia, Europe, and South Africa. Rare metal coins are also readily available on the JM Bullion website but in a limited number due to their rarity. The company also has fewer ready-to-ship product options. 

Silver Coins

JM Bullion’s review shows that one of the best-selling products on the JM Bullion website is Silver coins. These are the best-selling products. People can select their required product type from the available list and then place an order. However, the customer must tell the required size, quality, and origin of the available options. The most successful product line is international silver coins. 

Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are famous among many products, including history buffs, collectors, and art lovers. Their appearance is the same as coins. However, the legality of silver coins is surely questionable as they are a just product to have fun. Collectability is the most significant appeal of silver rounds. This makes it an attractive investment for individuals who have the hobby of coin collection. An investor would see silver rounds as a reduced premium product in case of spot prices

JM Bullion Review for Loan Facility

JM Bullion’s review and detailed analysis show that the loan could also be applied through JM Bullion using Collateral Finance Corporation or CFC. The loan amount could be taken by leveraging gold. One could easily and promptly get a loan facility without being forced to sell gold or silver. Till the full payment of the loan, your silver or gold remains under your name and control. 

JM Bullion Review by Consumers

The overall feedback of consumers regarding the products and services offered by JM Bullion is positive. The company is still in the process of growth in terms of its brand name building. 

JM Bullion Review Regarding the Product Range

The majority of negative feedback from consumers is related to product unavailability. Despite offering a wide array of silver and gold products, JM Bullion still lacks its effectiveness in terms of poor availability of products. The most significant availability issue is regarding the collector items, especially since there is rarely any available stock of silver rounds. 

Reviews About the Prices

Customer reviews demonstrate that JM Bullion offers competitive market prices compared to its competitors. There are no hidden or additional charges which is a plus point, and the offers of discounts are also mostly available. However, many people are not satisfied with the market loss policy of the company. This policy applies only in case of order cancellation and failure to pay the order money back to the consumer. Price fluctuations in the market also negatively impact buying and selling decisions of customers. 

JM Bullion Review About the Delivery

After the shipment of an order, an individual or customer could check the order’s current status. Customer feedback about prompt delivery is positive. Most of the customers rate the quick delivery system with a higher rating. 

Reviews About the Customer Service

Customers rate JM Bullion with a mix of reviews regarding customer service quality. Though support regarding complaints is available all days, it is not available on weekends, which is a negative aspect of the company. 

JM Bullion Review About Acceptable Payment options

Different payment options are available for consumers, which are given below:

  • Debit and credit card facility
  • Wire and Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Ethereum/Bitcoin
  • check

Minimum or Maximum Purchase Amount?

Restrictions on the number of product items or quantity depend on the selected payment method. The company has not specified any minimum buying amount except Bank Wire, with a limit of $1000 minimum. On the other hand, Paypal and debit credit cards enable $25000 worth of payment. Furthermore, a check has a limit of up to $75000, and cryptocurrency and bank wire allow a $250000 purchasing amount. 

Is JM Bullion a Legitimate Company?

As JM Bullion Review suggests, JM Bullion is a legit, trustworthy, and reliable company. The overall data regarding company history and the team could also be seen. BBB has also been highly ranked in its quality service delivery to the customers.


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