Rosland Capital Reviews: Are They Scam or Legit

Marin Aleksov, the company’s founder in 2008 and served as CEO. They specialize in selling gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Rosland also facilitates establishing precious metal-backed IRAs.

First, they serve the United States and have an office in Europe Rosland expanded into the United Kingdom and later moved into Germany.

Their central product is gold, and they claim that if the price dollar drops, gold has long served as a hedge against hikes and has performed well in ambivalent economic circumstances.

Jeffrey Nichols, an economic adviser of the company, often provides commentary for the company on the benefits of including gold in asset portfolios.

What Does Rosland Capital Offer?

As with any gold investment company, they establish that gold and other precious metals are more stable in their financial value than paper-based investments like stocks, treasury bonds, and mutual funds.

Valuable metals like gold stand up pretty well against enhancement, and they always hold value no matter the current economic conditions.

Companies like Rosland Capital allow you to back their IRAs with any metals like gold or silver to maintain their value throughout the years and preserve wealth.

The company offers a wide selection of bullion, bars, coins, and premium numismatic collection. Indeed it’s essential to be aware that not all metals are eligible in precious metals backed IRA, such as numismatic coins.

They have been endorsed in television commercials and on its website by various well-known persons. For example, Rosland prominently features actor William Devane in its television commercials. Rosland chose Devane because it would resonate with its target demographic. In addition, radio personality G. Gordon Liddy has also appeared in television advertisements for Rosland Capital.


Rosland Capital was also appointed the worldwide distributor for Formula One’s limited-edition gold and silver coins that monumentalize celebrated circuits of the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship.

They offer many precious metals in billions, bars, and premium coins. The coins are available in metals like silver, gold, palladium, platinum, and other precious metals.

They have worked with many companies like the USA Mint, Canadian Mint, PAMP, and many other well-known companies to provide the finest silver and gold bars, bullion, and premium coins.

Rosland Capital collaborates with many organizations to offer exclusive coin lines commemorating organizations, events, and charity efforts. For example, the company collaborated with Fisher House to release the $5 Fisher House coin, which they released in 2014. They used a portion of the profit to help veterans’ families and support the service members receiving healthcare.

Things To Like About Rosland Capital

1. Perfectdelivery timings:

The company takes pride in delivering its clients’ metals within ten days. However, some people receive their purchases in a lesser time frame than what the company claims.

2. Well aware staff:

Apart from the company’s bevy of celebrity endorsers, Rosland also has an expert economist. Jeffrey Nichols suggests both the company’s management and its clients and serves as a writer for its newsletter.

According to the 15% of a person’s assets must be held in physical gold.

Things NOT good in Rosland Capital:

1. Dishonest agent 

After looking at the reviews posted by previous clients, you can find lots of angry customers at the dishonest service by some of Rosland Capital’s agents. They reported being charged excessively high commission rates and being subject to deceptive sales tactics.

2. High number of complaints

Many complaints were posted on the Better Business Bureau and the Business Consumer Alliance websites.

These complaints include false advertising, slow shipping, and customers reporting being charged for metals way beyond market price.

3. Shared storage

When investing with Rosland Capital, your precious metals will be placed in shared storage with other investors. Other companies offer segregated storage options for clients who don’t want their metals mixed with others, but Rosland does not have this option.

Rosland Capital Educational Resources

Rosland Capital is committed to creating and sharing educational information alongside the main Rosland Capital website to help you make well-informed decisions for your asset portfolios.

Here are three of the most beneficial educational resources Rosland has developed over the years:

Buy Gold 101

Buy Gold 101 is an educational website created by Rosland to provide a comprehensive guide to the process behind buying gold and the potential value it can bring to your finances. If you want to learn more about the gold market, how and why gold might be added to an asset portfolio, and the specific types of gold products Rosland offers, this site is a helpful introduction to the subject.

Rosland Capital IRA

Rosland Capital IRA is another educational site produced by Rosland Capital to inform you about precious metal IRAs. The website provides an overview of various types of individual retirement accounts and discusses how unique metal products can be used to back certain IRAs. While it does not offer tax advice for weighing your retirement account options, it provides an informative look at how incorporating precious metals into IRAs can potentially benefit you if you want to protect your retirement savings.

Rosland Capital Guide to Gold

The Rosland Capital Guide to Gold is a book co-written with John Watson in 2015 as a resource for those looking to educate themselves on the value of gold. Among other topics, the guide covers the history of gold coins across civilizations, the process of grading, favorable attributes to look for in the coins you’re considering purchasing, the potential benefits of buying gold and adding a gold IRA to your asset portfolio, and how Rosland Capital can help you with all of your gold-based needs.

People at Rosland are proud to offer their wide selection of exclusive and valuable information on the inner workings of the precious metals world so our customers can feel confident making choices regarding their asset portfolios.


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