Top 7 Benefits of Stainless Steel

When you are at a shop and purchasing something you always take care of that; I should buy something which should be durable, long lasting, health friendly and recyclable. Especially when it comes to kitchen use you don’t compromise on quality of the product because you cook your food in that and food is directly connected to your body. If your food isn’t cooked in a healthy friendly product then you might face some serious health issues. Stainless Steel’s products are always high in demands because of many benefits of stainless steel. 

In the early 90s, Harry Brearly from the UK first discovered “corrosion free or rust free” steel. Steel isn’t the real metal, it’s made of raw materials like iron ore, chromium, carbon, silicone and other alloying. One of the big benefits of stainless steel is that it’s corrosion resistant and heat resistant. That’s why it’s one of the top choices for kitchen cookware and utensils. Stainless steel is also a good choice for house, office or any apartment roofing.

For further details read below about 7 benefits of stainless steel: 

  • Fire resistance 
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Recycling
  • Environmental benefits of stainless steel 
  • Cleanability
  • Budget friendly
  • low maintenance

Fire resistance: 

Fire is a basic necessity of our lives but also a very dangerous thing. Thousands of people die and millions of them get injured due to fire worldwide yearly. Plus loss of properties too means economical fire is also dangerous. We hear about wildlife all over the world, it starts from forest and ends at cities sometimes. Which gives a lot of loss of lives and properties to the people of those troubled areas. Because most houses or any other apartments are made of flammable materials, especially roofs are made up of wood, asphalt, plastic and other metals which melt down too soon. Airborne embers from wildfires are the main cause of building fires. Because of the ignitable material of the building’s rooftop. 4.5 millions Unite States’s houses are at the risk of wildfire and roof ignition is the main risk of wildfire. 

So what should we do to mitigate fire risks? Stainless steel roofing is a fire resistance roof because of its high melting point. Stainless steel roofing saves lives and properties too. Airborne embers can’t ignitate stainless steel because it will require constant high temperatures of heat to melt down a stainless steel roof.

Corrosion resistance:

Stainless steel is widely known for one of the main properties “Corrosion resistance”. 10.5 percent of chromium gives stainless steel this corrosion free property. Chromium is the main element which protects the steels from corrosion. The passive layer of chromium oxide is responsible for the great increase in the corrosion resistance. Chromium forms a protective oxide layer which protects the stainless steel from corrosion. This protective oxide layer forms naturally when stainless steel is exposed to the air. But still this naturally formed chromium layer isn’t steady because of impurities on the surface of stainless steel. So through a chemical process this chromium oxide layer is formed called passivation.


Unlike other metals and substances stainless steel can be easily recycled.

Stainless steel contains a lot of very nice elements. It contains of course iron, 10.5 percent of chromium and usually in this case as well a bit of nickel and some molybdenum so all of these elements are actually perfectly recyclable. 

So what happens to these scrap and old pieces of stainless steel? when we don’t need them anymore? We simply send them to the steel mill. When they melt it together and add some adjusted alloy composition with some additional elements. So then we are actually able to make fresh steel. So using scrap or old stainless steel we can make the fresh one stainless steel.

So you can see it has a lot of advantages, First we don’t need to dig more elements and metals from soil to make stainless steel. Second, when we are recycling it we have to reduce it, we have to go from for instance ferrous or ferric salts to make the fresh steel. It’s usually done by carbon, we don’t have to do that anymore and it saves a lot of carbon dioxide and usually we get out of this process and it saves certainly a lot of energy too.

By using stainless steel scrap, we avoid exposing our nature to mining and we also save a lot of carbon dioxide emissions.

Then we don’t have to refine the steel and all the other ore which comes with a lot of impurities. And in many ways it has so many good advantages. It saves a lot of money too which is the reason why all this pays off simply because it’s cheaper and it’s a more environmentally friendly process too.

Environmental benefits of stainless steel:

There are alot of benefits of stainless steel. One of them is that stainless steel is environmentally beneficial or you can say eco-friendly in many ways. We should use stainless steel products instead of plastic products which are harmful to our environment because a lot of plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times. 

Stainless steel products save a lot of environmental pollution, they are durable, long-lasting and less wasteful. The longer food containers of stainless steel last, the less waste you create and feels a little good that you’re playing your role to reduce environmental pollution. Second stainless steel is non toxic and non-leaching, chemicals leach out of the plastic products and make their way into our bodies resulting in a variety of health issues.


 When it comes to hygiene we all are very careful because poor hygienic products can be very dangerous and can cause serious health issues.

Stainless steel’s products are very hygienic as compared to plastic products which degrade over time from use, hot water and cleaning. The surface becomes scratched and difficult to clean effectively. Smooth, non-porous stainless steel is the ideal surface for the hygienic food, with fewer opportunities for the bacterias to accumulate and less risk of contamination. Stainless steel’s products are easy to clean because of its hard surface. You can clean and scrub it and it will not affect the surface of the steel product but avoid using sharp spiky sponges because they will leave scratches on your stainless steel’s surface.

Budget friendly:

Stainless steel is also budget friendly, it saves a lot of your money. It’s durable and long lasting as compared to other competitor materials. And it’s a promising life time material.

Invest in quality products that stand the rest of the time to save money otherwise spending on replacing lower quality items.

And stainless steel has a good range of prices from low to high price range for every class of people. Everyone can easily afford stainless steel’s products.

Low Maintenance:

There can’t be kitchens as lovely as stainless steel kitchens that don’t require much maintenance with stainless steel. Stainless steel has auto passivation that allows the material to heal the minor scratches and signs of wear and tear in the busy kitchen of restaurants and homes.

People mostly choose stainless steel for their kitchen because of its Stylistic look. It gives a pure classic look to your house or your restaurant kitchen. This attractive metal isn’t just good looking but it is also a very durable and low maintenance steel kitchen. But it doesn’t mean that stainless steel doesn’t require maintenance, every product of stainless steel requires some amount of maintenance too.


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